My day-to-day projects were a mashup of snooze-worthy deliverables: car decals, banners for banks, casino promos… yawn.

Before long, it hit me: I was not cut out for cubicle nation. I spent most of my days staring out the window at the beautiful sunshine of Sydney, Australia (where I’d moved to start my career), and a whole country waiting to be explored.

Why the hell was I locked inside for 80% of the week, designing pieces that weren’t exactly fulfilling?



Sian Richardson | freshbysian.com

Deep in my soul, I knew my desk job couldn’t fulfill me. I wanted to do work that meant something. Adventure. A life on my own terms.

Fortunately, I was running a travel blog on my life in Sydney at the time, and meeting fellow online folk over social media. I began collabing on design projects, which eventually turned into paid gigs, and client requests pouring into my inbox.

For 6 months, I was a double agent.

By day, I was just another 9-5er fighting to stay awake at my desk. By nights + weekends, I hustled my little freelance ass off.

Word (thankfully) travels fast. Soon enough, I walked away from my soul-sucking job for a full-time solo gig… and never looked back.

I spent half a year exploring Australia, laptop in hand, soaking in the life of travel & freedom I’d daydreamed about. Since then I've spent time in hanging in NZ & Canada. These days I can call myself an offish Permanent Resident of Canada, and you'll find me hangin' out in British Columbia.

Sian Richardson | freshbysian.com
Sian Richardson | freshbysian.com
Jasper, Alberta | sianrichardson.com

So, have I achieved my perfect work/life balance? Nah. Think of it more as a work/life jam sesh. One always compliments the other — and I love every second.

Nowadays you'll find me collab-ing with rad creatives and people making shit happen, from all over the world.

It rocks. Hard.

I’m so stoked and grateful to live such a kickass life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sian Richardson | freshbysian.com

Wanna know some super
random shit about me?

:: I grew up 20 minutes away from Hobbiton. Seriously. My hometown in New Zealand (population: 7,000) is right by those familiar rolling green hills from Lord of the Rings.

:: I've got mad love for Motorsport. I spent most weekends as a kid watching my bro speed around kart tracks, and helping my parents run the meetings. The smell of race gas & burning rubber still gets me.

:: I don't drink coffee or tea. I've barely ever had one cup of either, in my whole life. On the other hand: hot chocolate (and the occasional Red Bull) all the way!

:: I left high school a year early. One of the best decisions I've ever made.

:: I don't own a single pair of heels. I can’t walk in ‘em, so why bother?

:: I’ve done the Nevis Bungy Jump, and the Nevis Swing, in Queenstown, New Zealand. Throwing myself 134m off a cable-car suspended in the middle of a canyon changed my life. It helped me realize I could do anything I put my mind to.

:: I live for music, travel, and road-tripping. Preferably all three at the same time.


Here's some other things I've created + collaborated on...

 :: I created The Change-Maker's Collective — an ever-expanding list of the top creative tools, resources, and talent out there right now. All links and featured folks are hand-picked, vetted, and featured because they’re awesome. No affiliate links, no paid advertising. Just groundbreaking brilliance + cool stuff for you to check out. 

:: I teamed up with David & Allie from Death to The Stock Photo to expose creatives who aren't following the stock or standard path, and instead creating a lifestyle that is authentic to themselves.

:: I Co-Founded 16HOURS Magazine, curating and featuring the work of photographers around the world and welding it into mad inspirational themes. The magazine ran from June 2011 to December 2012, releasing 7 Issues in total.

:: Striking Truths was a collaboration created to bring a manifesto a day that could bottle wisdom and make it shareable.

:: Rebels With a Cause was a collaboration that banded a league of 13 game-changers together, in the form of an eBook and wallpapers that aimed to push creatives to their full rule-breaking potential.  

:: Words to the Wise is an eBook stack full of love letters to the beast that is fear. I teamed up with Steph Jagger for this beast.

Got a project you'd love to jam with me on?
Hit me up over here!


Sian Richardson | freshbysian.com

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