Why You Need To Give A Shit About Brand Consistency (+ How To Do It)

Why You Need To Give A Shit About Brand Consistency (+ 3 Tips for Mastering It) | freshbysian.com

Consistency in Branding is something I feel a lot of peeps in the online biz world haven't fully harnessed yet. 

It was also a big part of the driving force behind creating my Branding course — Be Unmistakable

It's such an important part of building a solid + awesome business, and I believe once you have a basic handle on why it matters + how to bring it to your own brand, it can totally change the way you approach your biz. 

Brand Consistency is about commitment. Commitment to refining your message + vibe, and doing everything you can to get your work out into the world and in front of the people who can benefit from it the most.

Here’s why you should give a shit about Brand Consistency. 

:: It breeds trust. 

Consistency makes it look like you know what you're doing. You're gonna look 100-times more pro than your competitors if you have a cohesive vibe across your Brand — from the visuals, to the tone, to your content schedule. 

:: It eliminates confusion. 

Similar to breeding trust, being consistent in your Branding helps eliminate any confusion your customers or audience might have when it comes to what you do.  

:: It helps with customer recognition + standing out from the crowd. 

We all know Cadbury, yeah? And their signature purple? Although they tried (and failed) to trademark that signature colour, their whole Brand and visual identity is heavily based on that colour. Anywhere you see that colour — you instantly recognise with, sometimes without a second thought. This is what customer recognition is all about. 

Constantly using the same colours, fonts, and visual aspects of your Brand help reinforce your image to your customers, sometimes without them even recognizing it. 

3 tips to help you master brand consistency :: 

1 :: Define your Brand Values + Experience.

Before you can even think about ways to improve your Brand Consistency, you have to have a handle on who you are as a business and what you value. This is something I talk about a lot — but it's so fucking important + too easily overlooked. 

It's also important to ask yourself how you want people to experience your Brand. Although you have no control over people's opinions of you — you can still do everything you can to create a badass + authentic business.

So, how do you do this? Here's a few tips ::

  • Think about what you personally value. Truth? Innovation? Compassion?  
  • Think about how you want people to feel when they experience your Brand. Do you want it to be exciting + fresh? Do you want it to be soulful and innovative? Then, think about different ways to bring this vibe across your Brand. 

2 :: Build a Style Guide for your Business (or hire a Designer to create one for you). 

Visual consistency in your Brand + Business is massively important, so one of the best ways to ensure a cohesive vibe across the board is by having a Style Guide.

Style Guides are like go-to books for Branding + Design. As a Designer, I've done up loads of style guides for my clients when I've done their Brand and Website Design. They include things like :: 

  • Brand Values + Experience. What do you value? How do you want people to feel when they experience your Brand? 
  • Fonts + Colours. Choose a maximum of 2 Brand Fonts, and 2 Brand Colours. Keep it simple.
  • Suggested Photo Filters/Editing Style. What filter/editing style suits your business the most? Something super clean + fresh + a little over-exposed? Something bright + vibrant? Something a little more muted + dark? If you need some inspiration, check out VSCO.
  • Suggested Layouts. Does your Brand vibe lend itself to lots of handwriting and illustrations? Or more of a sharp + clean look? 

Below is an example of a Style Guide I created for a previous client — Melissa Ambrosini to give you an idea what they look like. 

We cover how to create Style Guides in my course — Be Unmistakable, or if you want to go pro + hire a designer, check out a side project of mine — The Change-Maker's Collective for a list of highly recommended Creative kids. 

Melissa Ambrosini Style Guide Example | freshbysian.com

3 :: Go beyond the visuals. 

The visuals of a Brand are super important, but Branding goes way way beyond just what it looks like or what colours you use. You also need to think about the language and tone you use across the board.

Here's some examples of what I mean : 

  • Copywriting. Are you writing how you talk? Does the voice across your whole Brand sound the same, or totally different? If you need some help with this, ask a few friends or people from your tribe to give you some feedback.
  • Language. For example, you’re running a new promotion or launching a new product. Is the messaging and the language you use consistent across the board, so people don’t get confused? 
  • Content. Do you post content regularly, or is your schedule all over the place? How can you build a consistent schedule to email your subscribers or post on social media to build trust and commit to creating the best business you can?