3 Awesome Resources to Help You Up Your MailChimp Game

3 Awesome Resources to Help You Up Your MailChimp Game | freshbysian.com

I've been a MailChimp lover since I was first introduced to it a few years ago.

It's easy to use, it looks good, and it works.

Sure, there’s other bigger options out there like Infusionsoft or Ontraport, but at this stage in my business they’re not something I plan on using anytime soon — they're way too big + hardcore for me. I like to keep it simple + clean, so MailChimp is my thang. 

So with that, I’m always looking for fun + fresh new ways to use MailChimp to send out content and streamline my biz as much as possible. 

Here's 3 of my fave resources to help you up your MailChimp game ::

1 :: The Complete Guide to Setting up Post-Specific Bonuses with MailChimp, by Bryan Harris

So this post kinda blew my mind a little. 

The basic idea is that using MailChimp and LeadPages you can create ‘bonus content’ (such as PDF workbooks, audio files, etc.) for your blog posts, and have people opt-in to one single mailing list, but still segment your list based on where they signed up. 

It's incredibly easy + simple to set up, and it’s something I can’t wait to play around with more in the future. 

To see an example of this in action check out this post I wrote :: 6 Steps to Building Offerings That Align With Your Brand. The free workbook in the post is delivered using this technique, and so far it's working awesome! 

2 :: How to Create a Self-Paced Email Course, by Paul Jarvis

If you're wanting to build your first online course but the idea of building fully custom membership sites and using apps like Infusionsoft freak you out, check out this post.

The main idea is that you bulid a series of Autoresponders that are triggered when people mark each Lesson as finished. 

I ran the first round of my course Be Unmistakable solely through MailChimp, and although I didn't use this particular method to deliver the content, I think there's big value in keeping it simple + easy to start off with. Minimal tech-stuff for you to deal with, and you're keeping all of the focus on the content itself.

3 :: MailChimp Automation

Anything that involves automation, and working smarter not harder is gonna be a win in my books. Automation means you can set up an email series that someone goes into as soon as they opt-in. 

You might have seen my 10-Day Unmistakable Brand Challenge — this was all set up with MailChimp autoresponders. This Challenge was my first shot at using them, and so far so good! (I’m working on pimping out the Challenge and re-launching it soon.)

You can also adjust the automation emails based on each person's activity, (e.g. whether they visit certain pages on your website), which has the potential to be pretty powerful. 

MailChimp has a free PDF guide that shows you how to use their Autoresponders — check it out below!

What MailChimp hacks/resources have you discovered? 


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