3 Things I've Learnt from Game-Changing Entrepreneurs

3 Things I've Learnt from Game-Changing Entrepreneurs | freshbysian.com

There's so many awesome people out there these days creating their own opportunities and getting shit done. 

Of course self employment and entrepreneurialism are nothing new, but with the world wide web and the crazy-ness of social media, its being taken to a whole new level, and it's so bloody cool to see, right? 

I love reading stories about how other people have got to where they are and what they've learnt along the way, so I've rounded up a few of my fave lessons I've picked up from game-changers who are out there making stuff happen. Check 'em below!

1 // 

Everything that’s ever been done could have
been better.
:: Danielle LaPorte

This was part of Danielle’s Credo For Making it Happen, and its one of my fave quotes ever. 

When I feel as though perfectionism is getting the better of me, this is what I remind myself of. Done is better than perfect. Get your work out into the world and experiment with it and remix it as you go. 

I also love this quote because it's those words 'could have been better' that keep me going and striving for more. This doesn't mean I don't stop and appreciate how far I've come, but it's that hunger to just keep creating knowing that there's more to do and different ways to do things that I fucking love. 

So next time you're freaking out about launching something new into the world — remind yourself of those wise words.

2 //

Your Brand is your culture. 
:: Dietrich Mateschitz

In terms of Branding, Red Bull is one of my favourite companies to follow. The founder, Dietrich Mateschitz is a pretty low key dude and very rarely does any interviews, but when he does — they’re always total gold.

In an interview with Fast Company, this is what he said when asked what the company stands for ::

“What Red Bull stands for is that it ‘gives you wings…’ which means that it provides skills, abilities, power etc. to achieve whatever you want to. It is an invitation as well as a request to be active, performance-oriented, alert, and to take challenges. 

When you work or study, do your very best. When you do sports, go for your limits. When you have fun or just relax, be aware of it and appreciate it.”

So just from that, you can tell they’re more focused on creating a culture than they are about promoting the actual product itself. And this is evident in everything they put out into the world... The products are just a way for people to buy into that culture.  

This is the essence of Branding. Look at other premium brands like Apple, Patagonia or Lululemon — they all have the same approach. You're creating a lifestyle; a culture for people... And your products are just a way to buy into that. 

3 //

Sometimes you gotta switch up the packaging to get people in the door.
:: Casey Neistat and Lisa Messenger

Casey Neistat is a YouTube legend. In one of his videos he talked about how the headlines he writes are total click bait just to get people to watch the videos. For example — One of his recent videos is titled 'How To Get Into Any Hotel Pool', but in the video, all he does is just walks straight in to a hotel and takes the lift up to the pool level with no problems... And that particular section only takes up a couple minutes of the whole 8 minute video.

And Lisa Messenger said this about the Collective Magazine. She purposely designed the magazine to look like a fashion mag (even though its mostly about new-age entrepreneurs), so people would at least pick it up on a newsstand. This helps draw in a wider audience of people, who'll pick it up thinking its one thing but hopefully keep reading and buy it, because of the amazing, really high quality content. 

I think there's definitely a line with these 'click bait' type approaches, if the intention behind them isn't genuine. But when they're done right, they can make the difference between something doing just okay, and fucking amazing. 

Who are some of your fave entreprenuers + what have you learnt from them?

Comment below and let me know! I'm always on the look for awesome + different new people to check out.