4 Killer Strategies For Uncovering Your Brand Vibe (+ a Free Workbook)

4 Killer Strategies For Uncovering Your Brand Vibe | freshbysian.com

There's so many different ways to grow a business, but I firmly believe that deciding what kind of culture you want to create and putting that out into the world is the best way to go about it.

Why? Because when you anchor your brand in your values and it stands the test of time, you’re not creating based on trends or what everyone else is doing — you’re anchoring your business in soul

And hey — you can probably run a business and do okay by just doing what everyone else is doing, but do you want to just settle with ‘okay’, or create something truly fucking awesome + true to YOU? 

The number one thing that’s going to set you apart from everyone else is your vibe and your values. Without them — you’re not really all that different from every other business in your industry. 

When you take this approach you’re also much more likely to draw in your ideal audience, not just a bunch of randoms that only want free stuff from you. Again — you could totally run a business like that, and probably do well with it, but we gotta think big here.

So instead of just having random one-off customers and clients that only buy once, you build a tribe of people that are 100% invested in what you create, BECAUSE they believe in similar values to you. These aren’t just ‘clients’ or ‘customers’. They’re your people.

And without your people… What do you have?

Mostly thanks to social media — we’ve become obsessed with the numbers (followers, subscribers, likes, and comments) — but they don’t mean shit if your audience doesn't really care what you create. You want people that are in love with your brand. People that are gonna shout about you from the rooftops. 

So, how do you do that? 

Figure out what your vibe is. 
Commit to the grind.

Make shit happen. 

Be sure to grab the free Workbook version of this post below too, as there's a few more questions and prompts in there that aren't included in the post below.


Strategy #1 :: Get to the core of who you are + what you want to create in this world. What story do you want to tell? This is the core of your entire brand — the soul. 

Below is a series of questions to help you uncover your values, vibe, and mission. Some of these questions are designed to give you direct answers, and some are designed to just get you thinking about your lifestyle + business.

They might take you some time to work through, but don’t stress! You don’t want to rush this process.

Here’s a few questions to get you started :: 

  • What do you value above everything else? List out 3-5 things. 
  • If you could spend a whole day with ONE person, who would it be and why?
  • What's your go-to outfit? How would you describe your personal style?
  • Name a time you decided to ditch the rules and do things your way, and it got you totally stoked. 
  • What people or Brands do you look up to, and why? What do you love about them? (Their marketing? Their copywriting or design? Their commitment? Their whole vibe + outlook?)

Strategy #2 :: Know this : You are not for everyone. Get clear on who you're creating for (and who you're not).

Ya know what they say... If you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no-one.

You need to get clear on your ideal client or customer so you can target services or products directly to them.

I know this is something people are always banging on about — and I honestly never really took it very seriously until I started to narrow down my ideal client, and realised first hand how powerful it was to fully understand the power of talking to a smaller group of people.

Here’s a few questions to help you work through this ::

  •  Looking back at past clients or customers, have you had any really bad experiences? What was it about those people that just didn't jive with you? (This isn't about naming and shaming people, it's just about recognising what kind of people you don't want to work with or have be customers).
  • What have been some amazing experiences you've had with past clients or customers? (Think about their personality, the process, why you liked them so much). 

Strategy #3 :: Take a step back from your industry. 

This is something I know I talk about quite a bit, but I think it's so so important when you're on a path to building a truly unmistakable + awesome brand. You're never going to gain any perspective or create anything that stands out from the crowd when you're constantly so 'in' your own industry.

It doesn't matter what they're doing. It matters what YOU'RE doing. 

Here’s a few questions to help you jam on ’norms’ within your industry and how you can stand out ::

  • What are some general assumptions about (or within) your industry that pisses you off? And is there anything you're passionate about enough to expand more on — to help change the conversation? 
  • What are some of the clichés in your industry that you can’t stand, when it comes to Branding and Design? e.g. In the Health + Wellness Industry, the whole brown paper bag/rustic look is pretty over-done these days, and a lot of people are starting to steer away from that vibe. 

Strategy #4 :: How do you want your clients or customers to feel when they work with you, or purchase from you? 

Think about the experience or culture you want to create. That’s what you’re really doing here — not ‘selling’ a product or service.

Let's say you’re a Life Coach and you just launched a new eBook/Workbook that will help people get to the core of who they are + what they want. This person might be feeling a little lost and unsure, so you might want to make them feel as supported as you can. A couple of ideas for helping this person to feel supported might be...

  • Setting up follow-up emails as auto-responders, simply cheering them on and letting them know they’re not alone. 
  • Creating a community for your tribe to support each other. (Obviously this isn’t a small undertaking, but think about the value it could add.)
  • Adding content to the eBook/Workbook and encouraging them to find support in a friend or family member. 

So you see what I mean? Just by thinking about what kind of experience you want to create for your clients or customers, you can radically change how you run your business. 

Now, brainstorm some ideas for how you want your clients and customers to FEEL when they experience your brand.


So I hope this post has been helpful for ya! Be sure to grab the Workbook below, as there's a few extra questions and worksheets included that will help you rock out your Brand Vibe and get clear on what kind of biz you want to build.