6 Steps to Building Offerings That Align With Your Brand + Vision (Plus a Free Workbook)

6 Steps to Building Offerings That Align With Your Brand + Vision (Plus a Free Workbook) | freshbysian.com

You get half way through building a brand new offering, and then it hits you... This thing you're building, isn't actually aligned with where you want your business to go.

It's happened to me at least a couple of times, and I know it's happened to other people too. Maybe it's shiny object syndrome... Maybe it's diving in head first without thinking... Whatever it is, I think there's a better way to use our time instead of spending hours wasted on products or services that will never see the light of day. 

A couple of weeks ago one of the awesome people in my Be Unmistakable Facebook Group posted and asked if I had any tips for building offerings that are aligned with your vision + values, so I thought I'd expand on my answer I posted in the group and write a post about it.

This process I've outlined below is how I work through any new ideas I have, and so far it's serving me pretty well. 

I've also created a free PDF Workbook to go alongside this post that you can print out, or fill out digitally in Adobe Acrobat. Get amongst it below!


1 :: Come up with every single offering idea thats hangin' out in your mind. Just write 'em aaaall down.

They could be digital products, or services that you want to offer. You don't need to be too specific here, just write out your idea for each offering.

2 :: Write out your Business Vision for the next 6-12 months.

This includes jamming on ::

  • Your goals. What do you want to create/achieve/do?
  • Your dream client or customer. Get specific. Age, location, income, interests, what car do they drive, etc.
  • Your business values. What do you believe in? What won't you compromise on, no matter what?
  • Your overall business vision. 12 months down the road, what do you want your business to look like?

3 :: Then go through both of the above (your product ideas + business vision) side by side and take out any product ideas that don't align with the vision. 

A few things to think about as you do this ::

Which offerings scare you the most… But in a good way? What would you fucking love to pull off? 

Which offerings are related to areas you get asked about the most in your business? Which things are people always emailing you about, or commenting on your Blog/Social Media about? (i.e. What are people hungry to know more about from you). 

Which offerings have the potential for the most profit? Creating products + services you love ain’t all about the money, but lets face it, you’re running a business and if you wanna keep doing that — you need to make a profit + get paid for your awesome work. 

Which offerings won’t take you closer to what you want? This can be harder than it sounds -- sometimes you might be so stuck on one idea, but in reality it won't actually take you closer to where you want to be… So calling it quits on some things can be hard, but it has to be done.

Which offerings are pulling you? Which ones feel like you're just meant to give them a shot?

The goal by the end of this Step is to have narrowed down your list to around 3 offerings that you want to expand on some more.

4 :: Hash 'em out some more.

For each offering try and come up with the following :: 

  • The purpose of the product or service. What outcome do you want for people who buy this? What action will they be able to take once completing the product or service?
  • The ultimate dream client or customer. Who would buy this?
  • The 'how'. How it could be delivered in the most streamlined way possible, for both you and the client/customer?
  • Promotional ideas. How could you launch this offering? 
  • Pricing and positioning. You can also look around at similar products or services to what you have in mind, and figure out how you can make yours different. But don’t spend too much time here — remember to stay in your own lane.

5 :: After jamming on these ideas for a few days (or however long it takes you), take a step back and don’t work on any of it for at least a week. 

Why? Because fresh eyes + a fresh mind are KEY to clarity.

Chances are you’ll return and instantly know which offerings you want to move forward with, and which ones you want to keep on the sidelines for now or ditch altogether.

6 :: Now… Work. 

Choose one of the offerings to move forward with, and get to work on that shit! As you start working on it you might find that it evolves into something completely different to what you had in mind... This is totally normal. Roll with it. 

Be sure to set yourself a timeline for this offering, and do your best to stick to it. If you need some extra accountability, tell people what you're working on and when they can expect it from you. 

A couple more things to think about ::

  • Just to do what feels right... Cheesy/predictable I know, but you just gotta trust your gut.
  • Go into everything with open eyes + an experimental mindset. There are no guarantees that your new offering will be a hit. You have to make it work. Post surveys on your blog + email list. Ask your audience what they want from you. Send Beta versions of a product to some of your tribe. Offer a new Service as a special one-off offer, in return for feedback. Do the work. Don't just wing it and hope it'll sell.


I've also created a free PDF Workbook to go alongside this post that you can print out, or fill out digitally in Adobe Acrobat. Get amongst it below!


How do you jam on new ideas for products? Do you have any awesome tips or processes that work for you?