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One of the things I love so much about the spiderweb of the internet is how easily you can find & connect with people that just 'get' you... People that have similar values, and are just out there to create and inspire.

David + Allie from Death to The Stock Photo are two of those people. I got chatting with them a few months ago, we realised we had some similar values in the creative world, so we decided to collaborate on a project.

Death to The Stock Photo is (obvs) hugely based on getting away from the stock standard lifestyle and just living your life on your own terms, and this same value is also a huge part of everything I do as well. 

We wanted to expose & interview creatives who aren't following the stock or standard path, and instead creating a lifestyle that is authentic to themselves. Awesome people out their doing their thing, living it up, and making the decision to live their story every single day.

We ended up with an awesome group of people, including Paul JarvisMegan + Mike GilgerBrandon RikeJeff Sheldon, and Amanda Marko.  

Check out the full interviews + more over here on Death to The Stock Photo.

Choose Your Truth  |
Choose Your Truth  |

We chose these guys because they don’t give people advice on how to live their lives, they don’t preach their way of living... They just focus on doing their own thing, living their truth, and hopefully inspiring others to do the same. 

Choose Your Truth  |

It's not about trying to emulate someone else's lifestyle. It’s about creating your own path.

Do what you want to do. 

Live your truth so fiercely, others follow your lead.