How To Give Good + Helpful Feedback to Your Graphic Designer

How To Give Good + Helpful Feedback to Your Graphic Designer |

Working with creatives for the first time can be a little intimidating, especially when it comes to giving feedback on work.

You want to keep it real and tell them what you honestly think, but you don't want to piss them off or accidently offend them. It can be a tough road to navigate, but with a few insider pointers it can be a super fun + easy process, so I've rounded up a few of my fave tips for when it comes to giving feedback to your Graphic Designer. 

Tip #1 :: Understand that everything is a process, and it takes time. It’s rare that something is ever 100% perfect right off the bat. 


I know it can sometimes be a little scary when you’ve hired someone to do a job for you and it’s not perfect right off the bat, but don’t stress, this is all part of the creative process!

And you know, through the revisions you’ll probably be making the project better for it, as your ideas and the overall project is refined into the most awesome version it can possibly be. 

Tip #2 :: Don’t be afraid to tell them if you really don’t like something. 

One thing it seems so many people have trouble with is telling creatives when they don’t like something.

Here’s the deal : You should never, ever give the go ahead on something just because you feel too embarrassed, or you don’t want to hurt someone's feelings.

It’s your Designer's job to turn your ideas into a reality. Into something tangible. We can’t do our job properly if you don’t tell us what’s wrong (or right).

Tip #3 :: Don’t give any feedback right away. 

Sit on something for a day or two to see how it feels. Especially for big projects. 

It’s always a good idea to sit on designs and mockups for at least a good day or so before you give feedback (unless you’re on a crazy-tight timeline). You’ll be amazed at how different something might seem even after just a few hours of not looking at it. 

A refreshed mind is sometimes all you need to see things clearly. 

Tip #4 :: Design by committee = death by committee.

‘My Mum doesn’t like that font. Can we see some other options?’

‘My boyfriend thinks that colour doesn’t pop enough… What can we do?’

‘My brother just sent me this photoshoot from {X company}, he thinks something along these lines would work much better with my vibe.’

I know how tempting it is to get feedback from your friends, family, and audience on your freshly designed goodness, but remember, asking for feedback and actioning feedback are two different things. 

Creativity is subjective. Not everyone loves yellow. Not everyone is going to love your photos, or your copywriting.

You can ask for a million different opinions on the colour scheme, fonts, everything, but at the end of the day, this is YOUR business. You’re the one investing the time and the money into it, and you’re the one that has to be happy with the end result. 

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks. What do YOU think? 

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Sian Richardson