Let’s take the hell out of the hiring process. Come check out my new guide, Play Bigger.

Play Bigger | Your Go-To Guide for Hiring Your Creative Dream Team | freshbysian.com

Real talk time: finding & hiring creative professionals for your next big project, biz rebrand, or course can be... freakin’ intimidating.

(Yep, even for me — and every other creative I know, actually.)

We’ve all heard the hiring horror stories, right? About freelancers falling off the face of the earth, or running off with the cash, or just not delivering the goods as expected. Yikes.

Then there’s all the other stress. What if that designer/copywriter/videographer doesn’t “get you”? What if they send you something you hate, and you end up wasting thousands of dollars on… 0?

It’s enough to make you want to hide behind your laptop and just DIY that shit, right?

Here’s the thing: if you want to take your awesome business, work, and visibility to the next level, you NEED brilliant talent in your corner to help you kick it up a notch.

Plus, great creative support pays for itself, by helping you sell more stuff, faster than you ever dreamed.

So I say: enough holding back. That’s why I’ve just dropped an awesome new eBook to help you ditch the fear, make totally confident creative hires, and build your dream team A.S.A.P.

Introducing :: Play Bigger

My complete how-to guide for hiring your creative dream team

Play Bigger | Your Go-To Guide for Hiring Your Creative Dream Team | freshbysian.com

It’s a mega awesome Toolkit, made just for digital entrepreneurs (like you) ready to become absolute masters at finding the perfect hire for their projects.

This baby’s got everything:

  • Worksheets to help you develop a creative brief, so you can communicate your vision clearly to anyone you hire

  • Interview tips to help you figure out who that right person is

  • Strategies for who to hire, when, so you don’t waste a dime, and are completely confident in your decision to bring someone on

  • Worksheets, resources, and checklists galore

  • PLUS a bonus list of my all-time favorite pro’s, here to help you and your business look, sound, and feel totally kickass, and get seen on your biggest scale ever

Read it. Love it. Rock your hiring process. Then: make big moves.

It’s time to bring on the folks who can breathe life into your ultimate vision. I can’t wait to see what you do with your perfect team behind you.