Ready to build an Unmistakable Brand?

I'm so stoked to launch my course, Be Unmistakable, today! 

I've been working away on this beast for a couple of months, so it's pretty exciting to get this thing out into the world. I'm so fricken pumped to take a lot of what I've learnt about Branding + Design over the last 8 years — through study, and work — and put it into this course. 

I've been itching to create a course and more digital offerings for a while, and I see this as a change in direction for me in the future. I'm still doing a little 1:1 Client Work with ongoing dream clients, but for the most part, I'm throwing myself into the world of digital products. I've learnt so much about them from working with my clients on their own products over the last few years, and now I'm ready to start creating my own, for real. 



  • The new-ish business owner who’s been in the game for a minute — and is ready to be seen & heard like never before

  • The fearless original who’s sick of the noisy virtual space, and wants to stand out from the copycat crowd

  • The design dabbler with a killer eye for good aesthetics — but isn’t quite sure how it all fits together

  • The gifted hustler who’s studied the greats — and wants to take their place at the table, too

  • The visionary ready to bring their ideas to the world — without fumbling through a few rounds of less-than-awesome branding

Be Unmistakable is a 30-day Email Course, designed to help you create an extraordinary brand that feels like YOU.

I'm also running a 10-Day Unmistakable Brand Challenge

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I also want to give a massive shout-out to a few people who've helped me launch this thing... Hillary Weiss — My Copywriting Legend. Amanda Sandlin — All-round Badass Creative Lady. 

I feel as though I've learnt a hell of a lot through the creation and launch of this course, and I plan on writing a few posts and diving into some more behind-the-scenes stuff in the future, so keep an eye out!