Reasons To Do The Nevis Bungy

Reasons To Do The Nevis Bungy|

So the AJ Hackett Nevis Bungy is in Queenstown, and it's the highest one in NZ, at 134m... I'm not sure how it ranks on the World scale, but jumping 134m off a cable car suspended in the middle of a canyon sounds pretty decent to me? And old mate AJ Hackett is the bungy legend himself, so I couldn't think of a better place to kick off my (new-found) love for adrenaline. 

You don't need to be the bravest person in the world to do something like this, you just have to want something more than you are afraid of it. That's what I decided, the second I booked my ticket. I wanted the feeling. To jump off a a ledge, without a worry in the world about anything else... To feel invincible. Like I could do anything. And it was the best experience of my life. It really does change you... It makes you feel like anything is possible. 

So these are my reasons why you should do the Nevis too.


So you can't even drive yourself there! They have to take you in one of their huge ass 4WD buses, that leave from the centre of Queenstown. You're packed out on a bus with other tourists, who are equally as amped/shit scared as you are. I was the only kiwi, which made it even more awesome. And they play sweet tunes on the bus. I was with a bunch of other peeps who would have been in their 20's too. And of course Thrift Shop had to come on. So anytime I hear it these days, that's what it reminds me of... A bunch American + Canadian dudes singing it on the way to the go bungy jump off a cable car into a canyon. 

The fact its on backcountry land also means that there's ZERO annoying tourists or 'just watchers'. I think you can pay like $50 or so to be a spectator, but no one did that when I was there. So the only people out there are the ones who are jumping. Booyah. 


Go big or go home, yeah?


At the same site they also have this freakin' insane swing, which happens to be the worlds largest. I did the swing after the bungy, and it was just a shit load of FUN. It really is like chilling out on the biggest swing of your life. You get to hang out for a while before they winch you back up, so its actually pretty relaxing once you realise you're not going to smack into the oncoming cliff face.


Okay so this one might depend on the person, but every single person I jumped with said it was the most amazing thing they'd ever done. Everyone out there was so fucking pumped. It was so legit. The whole thing about the Nevis that made it different from the other ones (or as far as I can imagine, since I've never done any other ones! Yet...) is that its literally the whole thing is an experience. The minute you leave Queenstown on the bus, its on. 


I'm guessing they might do this at their other sites (?), but that was another thing that just added to the atmosphere. All I remember is that I jumped off to ACDC, and as they winched me back up they were jamming out some Calvin Harris. Which leads me to my next point...


This was LEGIT. I'm guessing because the canyon is so massive, and because there's no real river at the bottom to pick you up in a boat or anything, they winch you back up to the same platform you jumped off to. Or maybe they just decided it would be sicker that way. It's pretty crazy...

The second you jump off, you don't really think about anything... You're flying towards the ground at fuck knows what speed, and then all of a sudden you start bouncing back up... And that's when the fun begins. You realise you ain't gonna die, and you can revel in it... Its such a crazy experience... But the thing about being winched back up, (after you release your feet, so you can be pulled back up while you sit upright in your harness, unless you wanna go back upside down), you're in this crazy as mofo euphoric state from just jumping 134m of a ledge, and then as they pull you back up, the music slowly gets louder and louder, and everyone else on the platform is waiting to check out your face and ask you how it was... And they're just as stoked as you that you actually did it.  


Nuff said? I didn't get a lot of photos up there, but its one of those places that no matter how many photos you took, you could never replicate the feeling of just being there. Surrounded by mountains and blue skies... Its incredible. 

Its one of those things you really can't explain. You just gotta do it.

I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

So, I highly, highly recommend you hit up the Nevis. Do it the second you get off the plane, or arrive in town. 

Check out their website here!