Resolutions? Nah. Try this instead.

Resolutions? Nah. Try This Instead |

Even just the word ‘Resolutions’ makes me roll my eyes a little.

To me they feel kinda contrived and old school. Like you’re just meant to create a list of the usual cliche stuff, like lose weight, travel more, save more money, and then inevitably fall off the wagon within a month.

While those things are good to want — I think it’s the soul, the why, behind resolutions that’s missing.

There's no point saying you’re gonna do these things without getting to the WHY of them. You’re kinda setting yourself up for failure. It’s all push… There’s nothing really pulling you towards what you want.

I also don’t think there's any reason why you have to wait until a new year to start something new. You can create new goals and start new challenges whenever the fuck you want. 

So, here’s how I do it.
Three things to ask yourself. 

ONE :: What are you sick of?

Looking back at 2014 (and previous years), what makes you sigh even just at the thought of it? Bad habits? Negative energy that you need to move away from? 

AND : What actions can you take to move away from these things? Get planning. Put events + deadlines + goals in your calendar. 

TWO :: What do you want MORE of?

What makes you think ‘Fuck yes, I need more of this in my life this year?'

AND : What actions can you take to get more of these things in your life? Get dreaming. Get planning. Put events + deadlines + goals in your calendar. 

THREE :: Choose a word for the year.

This one usually takes a bit of time to get right… When you have your word, you’ll know it. How can you apply that word to different areas of your life? 

AND : Think how this word can be applied across different areas of your life and biz. Whenever you go to plan things, book things, do anything this year, bring it back to your word. Ask yourself — ‘Will this bring more ______ to my life?'

Here’s mine...

What am I sick of?

:: Telling myself the same sob stories for years when it comes to my fitness + my finances. I’m over it. Onwards.
ACTION : Stop telling the same stories. Be done with them. Start fresh. 

:: Not having solid processes in place for my business, to make everything smoother for me and my clients. 
ACTION : Start looking at what information I am always repeating, or what questions my clients are repeatedly asking, and create mini guides/info kits. Schedule certain days for certain things. e.g. Monday Mornings — Admin. Tuesdays — Work offline. 

:: Thinking I can do everything myself. 
ACTION : Look through the different areas of my biz and see where I could use an assistant, or hire someone in their field of expertise to help me out. (I will be advertising for this soon — so if you could be interested, keep an eye out here on the blog, or my social media profiles!)

:: Too much screen time. Too much social media. Too much comparison. 
ACTION : Schedule social media/screen-free days. 

What do I want more of? 

:: Uncensored creation. 

:: Limit-pushing adventures.

:: Movement. 

:: Experimentation.

My word for the year

D E V O T I O N my fitness. This is something I’ve never 100% committed to, so I’m pretty stoked to give it my all and see what happens. This is also something I'm keen to write about a little more in depth! refining my craft and being a better designer, and a better partner-in-crime for my clients. opening up new conversations around the client + creative relationship. There's a big gap here and I feel as though its something I really want to explore this year. doing whatever it takes to make my ultimate dream life a reality... And remain open to changes & new adventures. I've had a taste of my ultimate dream life, and now I want it — for real.

a few things to Remember...

+ Action is everything. It’s one thing to plan all of this stuff and dream like crazy — but ain’t nothin' gonna happen until you fucking MAKE IT happen. Grab a yearly calendar (or just draw one up), and start planning these things out. Lock in dates. Put it on your wall or look at it every day. 

+ Its your life. Dream for yourself, make shit happen for yourself — not anyone else. You gotta have a WHY behind everything you do. 

+ Everything takes time. And commitment. You gotta really fucking want it... And you gotta know WHY you want it. Then? You're in the game, for the long haul.


So once you have these few things sorted out, you can use them as a guide to set bigger goals and intentions for 2015. 

There's so many ways to set goals and figure out how you want to spend your days, and this is just one of them. I recommend mixing it up and combining a few different methods, and just doing what works for you. 

So tell me! What are your crazy dreams and plans for 2015?