What would happen if you ditched your stories?

The Power of Releasing Your Stories | freshbysian.com

There's a hell of a lot of power that comes with telling your story, and truly living it. I think it's a big thing (especially when you’re running a business), for people to know where you came from, and what your roots are. 

This is who I am.
This is how I got here.
These were my struggles.
These were my triumphs.

But, there’s also the other side of it, where we bind ourselves so tightly to these stories, we prevent ourselves from creating totally new ones. 

We keep telling these stories over and over, either to other people, or to ourselves.

I've been here and here. 
I did this. 
I've always been this way.
This stuff happened to me and this is who I am now, because of it.

But there comes a time when we need to just release those old stories, so we can make way for totally new experiences, not bound to any old stuff we kept telling ourselves.

Here’s an example : 
Right throughout school, I was always the one who hated P.E. class. I sucked at all sports. I’d do anything to get out of P.E. class. I’d do anything to get out of Athletics Days. I hated that shit with a passion. I was always picked last for teams. You know how it goes. 

I’d been telling myself that same story over and over for pretty much my whole life, without realizing that it was holding me back from a life that included a healthy amount of fitness and movement. As soon as I made this realization, I made the mindset shift to let that old story go.

I went from ‘Ugh, I’ve always been shit at sports, I hate working out, I’m not meant for this’, TO ‘Okay, lets do this. I’m gonna give this the same dedication that I give my work. I’m gonna test myself physically and mentally in a totally new way. I want to find out what I'm capable of.’

None of this was to do with pressure from anyone else, it was all completely from within, which is why I think I’ve actually stuck to it this time — instead of just joining the gym, and never going, which is what I did every other time.

I made the decision to let the old stuff go, and I realised that being regularly active is a part of my ultimate dream life, so I took action to start making that happen.

So, these days? I work out at least 4 times a week, 3 of those with a personal trainer. And I fucking love it. Something that I’d always told myself I wasn’t meant for is now a regular part of my life. There's a lot more to this whole new fitness + health lifestyle change that I've made beyond releasing those stories (which I also want to write more about), but it was for sure a HUGE part of the change.

Accept your story, and then release it. 

Your past does NOT dictate your future.


What old stories do you have playing over and over in your mind, that you need to release?