What You Think You Need vs What You Actually Want :: How to Cut Out The Bullshit + Release The Expectations

We’re constantly being told we need this product or that course, or that we should be gunning for the elusive 6-figure business, or why we have to be doing webinars if we want to make money online, etc. etc…

But ya know what? All we ‘need’ to do is know our own end game, and know what WE truly want as individuals.  

I know it's not easy, and there's loads of new ways I’m personally learning to challenge the expected too, but I just know from previous experience that nothing good ever comes from trying to win at someone else's game. 

When we can all get out and build our businesses and our lives based on what we want and how we want to feel, everything changes. 

We no longer compete. 

We band together and know that we all have our own stories, and we’re all here to define our own future. 

We find our people and we collaborate and create cool shit together — to take stuff to a bigger audience. 

Here’s some examples from my own experiences in the past… 

I thought I needed :: To be constantly ‘in the spotlight’ or ‘on the stage’ — doing speaking gigs and all of that jazz, in order to ‘grow my business’.
What I actually wanted :: To still show up and be seen, but in my own way. (I wrote about this a little more over here.)


I thought I needed :: To make the elusive ‘six figures’.
What I actually wanted :: To make however much money it takes to live the life I want (even if it happens to be that that number is in the six figures).


I thought I needed :: To go big or go home + invest big in my first course launch. What I actually wanted :: To just start where I was, with what I had, and put everything I could into it right at that moment. Launch small for the first time around to get an idea on whether people even want this thing, and then go from there. (p.s. I went small on the launch, and I totally smashed my goals and expectations. It was awesome).


I thought I needed :: To be on ALL OF THE SOCIAL MEDIAS.
What I actually wanted :: To stop trying to ‘do it all’ and just stick with one or two that I really dig. (Yesterday I decided to take a break from posting on my biz Facebook page, and Twitter, to concentrate on building awesome content + products, and killing it on Instagram).

So you get the idea, yeah? A lot of these ideas we get in our heads come from either what we're told by others, or simply by observing what other (seemingly successful) people are doing, and trying to emulate it. 

Not that you need permission from anyone, but here you go :: 

You have permission to run your biz however the hell you want. 

Release the expectations you've given yourself that don't actually align with what you want. 

Stop comparing yourself to everyone else, and make the decision to stop trying to win at everyone elses game, and start trying to win at your own.

So here's what i want you to do.

Write out a list of all the shit you think you need to do/have in your biz, and then ask yourself if it’s what you actually want or if it aligns with where you want to go (similar to the examples I have above).

Just simply writing this out and recognising what bullshit you keep telling yourself can be such a huge help. You're taking it out of your mind and putting it on paper, and redefining how you think about it.

And then comment below and tell me ONE of these things you're going to change.