This is my deal. What’s yours?


For a few months now I’ve been slowly transitioning my biz from mostly services, into digital products.

I’ve written about this a little, but as I keep taking (big, scary) leaps towards this new way of doing business, I thought now would be a rad time to write about ma values + my mission, and what you can expect from me. Declaring and sharing, holmes! 

If you're in a similar position to me, where you're leaning towards something new and exciting that also scares the shit out of you, I recommend you do this too, and share what you're all about with the world.

Why? Because there's big power in putting stuff out there — and not just letting it hang out in your mind + your own journals. None of it is gonna happen unless you take action and start putting one foot in front of the other. AND, because when you tell people about your dreams and your mission, you're giving yourself some accountability. 

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. — Alan Watts

So, this is what I’m all about… 

This is what I value ::


It’s a bit of a buzz word these days, but I think keeping it real has to be a core value of business these days, for two reasons : 

1 - What else is there? I don’t have any interest in bullshitting or manipulating people. It's pointless and a waste of everyone's time and energy. Fuck that. 

2 - Because you never know who’s going through the same stuff as you, and is feeling the way you’re feeling — but they haven’t really faced it or admitted it. Just simply knowing that you're not the only one is pretty powerful, and people really connect with straight-up realness as it can sometimes be hard to come by in the world of social media these days. 


Cause duh. 


Because there’s more to life than how we make money and serve others. I wanna get out and see the world and do shit and meet people and have crazy adventures.


Similar to authenticity, I think transparency in biz is a big deal. I don’t care about keeping secrets or trying to make things appear different than what they are. 

My ultimate mission?


We're constantly being thrown new products, services and content that seem to only have one main goal — winning at someone else's game. You get to define your own success, and the only way to get to where you wanna be is by doing the work. Magic bullets don't exist, and anyone who promises them is full of shit. 

Where's the fun in that? I want to help entrepreneurs build badass businesses and live life on their own terms.  

What's my plan + how am I gonna live this mission of mine? 

By creating content that’s super helpful + useful, but also just straight up and real.

I’m all for helpful, informative content, but it gets a bit ‘bleh’ after a while… And it's honestly just not me to be all biz all the time. I want to write and teach what I know about design and branding, and being an entrepreneur. I also want to write about adventures had + lessons learned. 

I don’t just want to contribute to the same stuff that’s already out there — I want to play my own game and keep it true to what I know, and this mix of helpful stuff + real stuff is how I'm planning to do it.


...all in the name of helping people win at their own game. My signature course at the moment is a Branding course called Be Unmistakable, and I'm working on a couple more product ideas that include a how-to guide on launching your first eCourse, and a mini business cleanse.

By being consistent. 

Consistency is hard... But it's the only way to get to where you want to be. To me, this means being consistent in my mission + getting it out there into the world, and also posting regular content. Weekly blog posts. Posting regular fun + helpful shit on social media. 

Doing anything consistently is challenging. But doing anything challenging requires consistency. — Jason Zook

By doing things differently.

‘Cause its fun. ‘Cause its good to experiment and ask yourself ‘what would happen if I did this?’. ‘Cause why the fuck not? Sometimes it's way too easy to get comfortable or get stuck in a pattern of doing what you know — or what you're told 'works' by other people, so I want to constantly be trying new things and approaching my biz + life with an eyes-wide-open outlook.

So that’s me!

Now I wanna know more about you… Comment below and tell me your top 3 values, and what your ultimate mission is. What's your deal?

Declare it and share it! 

If you're not 100% sure what your values and mission are, try starting with what you definitely DON'T want, and go from there. 

Sian Richardson