4 Things You Can Do TODAY To Freshen Up Your Brand If It's Feeling 'Blah'

4 Things You Can Do TODAY To Freshen Up Your Brand If It's Feeling 'Blah' | freshbysian.com

Most of the time, Branding involves spending a lot of time deep-diving into what you want to create for yourself and for your tribe — and let's face it, that shit can take time.

Time is good, and it gives you a chance to really go deep on what you want + create something truly awesome, BUT there's times when you just want to freshen up your Brand, without spending months and months on new strategies or new designs, right? 

I feel you... Which is why I wanted to write this post! Like everything when it comes to really solid Branding, it always has to align back to your mission and values, but below you'll find 4 things you can do TODAY, to help you refresh your Brand.

1 :: Declare and share your values + mission.

5 Things You Can Do TODAY To Freshen Up Your Brand If It's Feeling 'Blah' | freshbysian.com

Anchor your brand in some soul. If you haven't done this before (or in a while), take some time to jam on your goals + values + vision for your biz. Here's some questions to get you started :: 

  • What are you passionate about?
  • Whats your ultimate mission?
  • What do you believe in? 
  • What general assumptions or misconceptions in your Industry piss you off? Are you passionate about them to create change + try to shift the conversation? (From a place of adding value — not from a place of anger).

Then when you're done, share it on your blog or social media! Tell your people what you're all about. 

2 :: Switch up the photos on your website.

Photo from  Stocksy

Photo from Stocksy


Buying new stock photos or shooting new photos of my own is one of my go-to ways to freshen up my website + social media profiles when they start to feel boring. Stocksy is my number one place to buy photos, and Shutterstock is where I go to find awesome patterns + textures. 

Once you've used the photos on your website, think about other places you could use them — like Social Media, in your Emails, etc.

Set a budget before you start looking, then get amongst it. 

3 :: Give yourself permission to focus on just ONE social media platform.

4 Things You Can Do TODAY To Freshen Up Your Brand If It's Feeling 'Blah' | freshbysian.com

If you're on all of the platforms and it's doing your head in — stop doing it! Think about who your ideal customer is and where they might hang out the most — between Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and choose ONE platform to go all-in on. 

Leave your other profiles up, but leave a post saying that you're taking a break for now, and link to which platform you'll be more active on. 

This can be so much more beneficial for you AND your peeps, because you're able to focus on just one platform and create much more consistent + awesome posts — instead of spreading yourself thin across the board. 

Treat it like an experiment to see how you go, and if it doesn't work out or it doesn't feel right to you, you can go back to your other platforms later.

4 :: Create a new Brand inspoboard.

A quick snap of my personal work-in-progress Brand Inspoboard!

A quick snap of my personal work-in-progress Brand Inspoboard!


Ya'll know what an inspoboard is, right? There's lots of different names for them too... Visionboards... Dreamboards... Brandboards... Whatever. But the whole point of them is to bring together a whole bunch of words + photos that represent what you want for your Brand or business. So you're ultimately bringing the visuals to all of your goals and dreams. 

Brand Inspoboards are boss because they can help you represent a feeling or a vibe that you want for your biz, that you might not be able to represent with just words alone. This can be SUPER powerful and awesome, and bring a whole new way of thinking to your Branding. 

You can print stuff out, cut shit out of magazines, get drawing or writing, whatever works for you! You can create digital ones and use them as wallpapers on all of your devices, or if you're like me and you really need an excuse to get off your damn computer, you can go old school and create a physical one! 

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