Adapt or Die

Adapt or Die |

'Instagram is hitting us with more changes AGAIN? Really? Ugh. Trust Facebook to fuck it up.'

When I started reading the posts around the web last week about Instagram switching things up with their algorithm, this is what I initially thought. (If you don't know what I'm talking about -- check this post out). Then after a few hours, and a chat with my homegirl Amanda, it hit me...

Who cares? This is a platform that we have no control over, that we use for free. So in reality... Who are we to complain?

I've been wondering lately what this landscape of social media or online business will look like in 5 years time... Or hell, even 1 year. Will it change? You betcha. Can we do anything to stop that change? Nope. All we can do is roll with it. We have to adapt. If we don't adapt, we're done.

I know this is kinda scary and confronting to think about... But think about it this way :: The ever-changing landscape of business and the online world means that there is zero time for people who are solely in it for the money or the hype. Those people -- let's call 'em hypsters -- are becoming more and more obvious, and we're gravitating towards truth and rawness. We can see through the bullshit and we're over it.

So if we bring this back to the Instagram convo -- of course it was inevitable. And hey, Instagram is a biz. It's also totally FREE. They don't owe us shit. They could shut the whole thing down tomorrow if they wanted to.

If you want something, go out and make it happen. Sitting around complaining about something you have no control over isn't going to do you any favours. Being an entrepreneur means figuring it out -- because you have a grand vision for your life that is pulling you forward. It means taking risks where others wouldn't. It means getting the hell after it.

Craft your own badass platforms and ROCK those. Get your website pimpin' and set up a mailing list. Use social media to interact with your peeps, but always invite them back to your website and your list. Those are the only platforms you OWN. You don't own social media, so it's always going to be a slippery slope using any social platform as a main core of your business.

There's no time for complaining or screwing around.

Adapt or die.

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