Are you in?

Are you in? |

A few weeks back you might have seen me write a post about how I’d deleted over 800 inactive subscribers from my ConvertKit account. My number one reason for doing this was pretty simple — because I’m only here to serve people that are down with my vibe. 

I’m taking it a little step further today to give you a bit more of a d-low about what ya can expect from me moving forward, and I’m doing this because I think it’s rad to be totally upfront about where you’re going, so people can decide if they’re still on board with ya or not.

So, here’s what I’m up to :: 

My ultimate mish is to get people stoked on winning at their own game. This is the core of my whole biz, and also my new monthly digital magazine, The Unmistakable Effect

I’ll still be sending out weekly content every Tuesday (NZ time). If you're not already a part of The Standout Squad (my mailing list), ya can join over here! I’ll be mixing it up between longer form posts, and some short + sweet stuff too. The kind of content I want to create all aligns back to that mish of just getting people stoked on winning at their own game.

And because it’s good to declare what you’re not doing, or who you don’t serve, I’m probably not for you if…

  • You’re only here for free shit 
  • You’re easily offended by profanity (but hey — this is nothing new for me, I just thought I’d take the chance to put it out there)
  • You’re only here specifically for Branding or Business tips and advice. (This was something I wrote about a lot in the past, but moving forward I won’t be focusing too much on these topics)
  • You can’t get down to Like Water by Flume (Jk, jk. But really though… Love you, Flume.)

So that’s where I’m at fam! If you’re totally down with my mish and you’re already a part of my Standout Squad, thank you! I’m fucking pumped to have you.

And if you think maybe I’m just not your vibe, that’s totally cool beans too.

Either way, stay awesome and keep killing it!