Are you playing the long game?

Are you playing the long game? |

I’m all for short + fast + spontaneous, when the time is right.

Sometimes you just gotta go on that random road trip on a whim… Or create + launch that new offering in 3 days… Or whatever the fuck it is you’re doing... You just DO IT. Minimal thinking. Just DOING.

But there are other times where you gotta play the long game… Where you gotta go into it with a much more open mind and know that the really good stuff, probably doesn’t happen overnight. And I’ll be honest, I think the long game is scary, especially if you’re a bit of a commitment-phobe like be. But I’ve learned that it doesn’t have to be — if you have a vision that’s pulling you forward.

Playing the long game means…

⁃ Really thinking about what you’re doing + putting out into the world. Invest your time in the right stuff. Because if it’s not something you can be on board with 110%, you’re gonna hate your life soon enough. 

⁃ Long term fulfillment vs short term gratification… Which one are you going for? 

⁃ Think big picture. With every move you make, will it actually take you closer to what you want? 

⁃ Most of the time, you won’t know exactly what will happen… You just gotta go into it with an open mind, a rough game-plan, and a willingness to learn and adapt. For example, with my monthly magazine — The Unmistakable Effect — I have the first 5-6 issues mapped out, and a rough plan, but that’s about it. I literally have no idea what it will look like this time next year.

⁃ The long game is for the do’ers… Not the dreamers. There is zero space people that just want to sit around and talk about shit (instead of DOING shit). 

⁃ Focusing on the best ways to reduce time on tasks. This comes back to working smarter (not harder). Ya know what they say, you can always make more money but you can’t make more time. Where can you be smarter with how you spend your days? Can you batch tasks together? What can you outsource?

⁃ Picking and choosing not works for you, and not buying into magic formulas. Don’t waste precious time thinking that some new magical ‘formula’ is going to save your problem. (Ahem, I’ve been there one too many times). Sure — we learn from these moves, but how much better could that time (and possibly money) have been spent if we were more focused on our own mission, and doing things in our own ways? 

- Not stressing about big product/offering launches. If you’re launching something that’s going to be an evergreen (i.e. always available) offering, getting all hyped up and expecting big things from the first launch can make you WAY more anxious than you need to be. Think about how you can work this into the core of your business, and how you can continue to offer it to your peeps in a way thats fun for you, and valuable for them. Remember… Long game. 

What have you learned about playing the long game?  

Sian Richardson