Back yourself


I’m standing on the lifting platform at the gym, about to go in for the heaviest set of deadlifts I’ve ever done.

I get the first rep. Stoked. 

But the second one? Ain’t happening. I go in for at least 2 attempts… Nope.

I doubt myself and my ability to lift that bitch off the floor, so of course, it ain’t going anywhere. 

I’ve fallen in love with deadlifting over the last 6 months or so, and SO much of that love comes from how much of a mental game it is (and lets be honest — also because it makes me feel boss AF). 

The thing is… If you don’t truly believe that you can lift the barbell off the floor, then it ain’t happening. Even if you’ve done that same move hundreds of times before. Even if your trainer is standing there yelling shit at ya. If you step up to lift the bar and your head isn’t in the game, it ain’t going anywhere.

So the other day after I left the gym, it kinda dawned on me that this applies to just straight up life too. 

The shit you really want, those massive goals that feel kinda insane… If there isn’t even a small part of you that thinks you really do have it in you — then how do you expect to make it happen? 

It doesn’t matter how much your partner or your friends or your fam or your tribe might believe in you.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve done it a million times before.
It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it for the first time. 

What matters is that you give yourself permission to want it. 
What matters is that you fucking show up (with your fear and vulnerability tucked away safely in your back pocket) and give it everything you have… Even if that means you might not get the result you want. 
What matters is that you know how to back yourself, and believe in yourself. 

Want it. Back yourself. Go get it.