Behind the scenes… Here’s a look at what I’m workin’ on!

Behind the scenes |

This week I thought I’d switch it up and give you a little look at what I’m working on in my biz at the mo.

I always love writing these kinds of emails and just being as transparent as I can about what it takes to run a business and live a life that gets you stoked. This is also something you said you wanted more of in ma survey back in January!

Everyone loves bullets and easy-flow emails, so that’s how we’re gonna roll here too. Let’s go.

:: Re-thinking digital products.

Honesty time, yo. So lately I’ve been struggling when it comes to product creation, and how to make things that people (aka, YOU!) actually want and need, and are willing to invest in.

I’m pumped about all of the products I’ve launched so far and I’ve had lots of rad feedback, but I get the feeling that something isn’t clicking, and I need to re-approach how I create them and where I spend my time.

To be completely honest, it’s even crossed my mind a few times that maybe I should just go back to 1-1 design work — because it’s what I know… But then I realised that’s not what I want at all — I just need to approach this product stuff in a new way.

I think the best way to explain it is with an illustration…

Product Creation |

So looking at the illustration above — for the most part, I think the digital products I’ve launched so far have been much closer to the ‘Full Creative Freedom’ end of the scale. And right now, I’m trying to get them closer to the ‘what people want’ end. I feel as though I’ve been guessing and just ‘hoping’ too much, and I just can’t do it anymore.

Ultimately I want to create stuff that sits in the middle… Things that I’m super passionate about and feel called to create, but also shit that you actually want and need. This means talking you dudes on the hone and just figuring out what you need help with, and where you’re struggling, and then combining that with my skills and what I’m passionate about.

So what does this mean for you? Well, it means way more awesome products that are fun, useful, and different. I don't know what my next product or offering will be, but I'm pretty keen to have something out within the next 6 weeks or so — and as always, I'll be sure to share the process along the way. 

(There's also a lot more I want to write about when it comes to the illustration above and creating products too, so keep an eye out!)

:: Caring less about the stats and more about YOU.

This is a convo I’ve been having with quite a few people lately, and it’s all about creating relationships with your CURRENT tribe, instead of trying to cast your net wider and get more people in. I’m so fucking down with this. Moremoremore gets boring after a while. And let’s be honest — we miss the connection. We want to feel like we’re a part of something — not just another person on a list, right?

Here’s what I’m actually doing to align with this vibe…

+ Working with ma copywriter to re-work my opt-in and some other copy on my site to reflect this, and I’m pumped about where it’s going. I want to focus more on just joining my tribe — not so much getting access to freebies (aka, The Stash — but no stress — it’s not going anywhere!)

+ NOT checking my stats obsessively. Lol. I was doing this without even knowing it — I’d be checking my ConvertKit multiple times a day just to check the stats. Don’t get me wrong, stats are important, buuuut they shouldn’t be taking over your biz and your biz.

+ There’s also more stuff I’m doing behind-the-scenes to connect with people and just give a shit, but I’m not gonna tell ya what it is because then that’d kill all of the fun. And I like surprises.

:: Taking a break.

This year I decided to try out the 12 week year as a new way of planning for my biz and life. It’s basically where you treat each block of 3 months as one year. You set specific goals for each ‘year’, and you take a break at the end of each one.

The whole point is that these blocks of 3 months are way more manageable than 12, and you can get a lot more done when you focus in smaller chunks.

I’m totally down with the concept, and it's been a really fun and refreshing way to approach my biz. So I’m off down to the South Island of New Zealand next week for my break. I’m fucking stoked, and I won’t be taking my laptop or any work stuff with me. All I’m planning on is a hell of a lot of adventures + photo missions. Yup.

And a quick update about the photography course you might have seen me mentioning over the last few weeks :: It's evolved into something even more awesome than what I originally had in mind, and it should be coming out later in the year. I'll be sure to keep you posted.

What are you working on in your business right now? How has the first 3 months of the year been for you?

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