Eyes Wide Open — Issue 03 of The Unmistakable Effect is here!

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Fuck off everything you think you know about travel and wanderlust, right now.

In Eyes Wide Open, Issue 03 of The Unmistakable Effect (my monthly digital magazine), we’re taking a look at the flip side of adventure as we know it...

Accepting that adventure is a mindset. Deciding what not to give a fuck about, as a traveler. How to deal when that solo trip turned out a little different than you imagined… And most important of all — how to explore and live with your eyes open, on your own damn terms. 

The thing is, this issue is not just for people who already consider themselves ‘travellers’ or ‘explorers’. I think those things are in all of us… Whether we choose to fuck off to the other side of the world as often as we can, or whether we choose to explore the hell out of our own backyards… It’s all in us... That desire to seek something new.  

I’m so damn stoked and proud on this particular issue, and I hope you dig it too! We got such a solid line-up of contributors, and the whole vibe of Eyes Wide Open could not be any more on-point with the whole vibe of The Unmistakable Effect, which is to just win at your own damn game.  

Here's a look at what's inside...

  • Chasing The Travel High, by Romila Barryman
  • 20 Things Travellers Shouldn't Give a Fuck About, by Shanny Matterson
  • Here Goes Nothing — An Interview with Lexi + Cody from State of Mind Studio
  • Surviving Stubborn Sadness When You're a Solo-Seeker in Paradise, by Emily Hassett
  • Words to the Motherfucking Wise, with Steph Jagger — On what you're really signing up for when you say Yes to adventure
  • + loads more good shit!