Feeling kinda 'meh' about your business at the mo? Do this.

Feeling kinda 'meh' about your business at the mo? Do this. | from freshbysian.com

If you follow me on the Insta you might have seen a post I chucked up last week about how I've been feeling kinda 'unsure' about some stuff with my biz lately. I've been meaning to just sit down and write out everything I was thinking/feeling about it, and the other day I finally did -- and it was so fucking helpful. Turns out I do know what I want -- I just kept avoiding the signs.

I feel like this is almost always the case, right? Deep down, we really do know what we want, but we tell ourselves that we're unsure because it's scary as fuck to face that stuff.

But the craziest things happen when we give ourselves permission to just get real and to write or speak without a filter. That's when the truth comes out.

You have to give yourself permission to write freely about how you REALLY feel. [click to tweet]

Sit at your desk, go to the beach, go to a cafe, whatever works for you -- and write about how things are feeling for you right now. Go to the beach or a cafe -- whatever works for you. Just be sure to escape all the distractions as you do this. Create the space.

You can just write freely, or here's a few questions to get you started ::

+ What am I sick of?

+ What do I want to see more of?

+ What's currently on my plate that I don't want to be? (And how could I get it off or delegate it?)

+ What do you want your life to look like in 6 months? 12 months?

+ What gets you SUPER excited when you think about it, in your business?

Wanna know what came up for me?

Check out this photo I took of what I wrote in my notebook. Good luck trying to read my writing and excuse the typo's! But to sum it up, I'm not sure how I feel about giving myself the creative entrepreneur title at the moment... Sure, it's probably the closest title to what I actually am, but sometimes those labels mindfuck me more than they help me. Ya know? And I guess in general I just want to spend more time creating something really fucking badass -- and just see what happens.

At the moment I'm not sure what this will look like, but I'll be sure to keep you posted!

So... If you do this exercise and you get to the bottom of what's been holding you back lately, and you feel like sharing, comment below and let me know what you discover!