Gwen Stefani, your wardrobe, and becoming who you are.

Gwen Stefani, your wardrobe, and becoming who you are. |

One of the easiest (and most fun) places to start when it comes to getting to the core of who you are, is your wardrobe. Stay with me here — I promise I’m not turning into a Personal Stylist on ya.

So you might have heard this before, usually with a lot of Branding exercises you’ll be asked questions about how you dress or what your go-to outfit is, just as a way to understand what your personal style is and then relate it to your Brand and how you want to be seen in the world. This email is along those lines, but we’re gonna take it a little deeper.

I’ve always admired people who had their personal style totally down — who know what they feel confident in and they commit to rocking the shit out of it — because it’s just so them. People like Gwen Stefani or Gala Darling or Pharrell. Ya know? You might even have a couple of friends that come to mind with this too.

I kinda love looking at this connection between personal style and just who you are. I think it’s super interesting, and even from a personal standpoint I’ve discovered so many lessons in just what I choose to wear and how it reflects my vibe.

So here’s a little story.

Last summer I brought this blue patterned dress from ASOS. For some reason I thought this pattern would suit my vibe, but when I got it in the mail I realised it was not me at all — even though the fit was pretty good. I always have a tough time finding dresses that suit my shape so I figured I'd just keep it anyway and get at least some use out of it.

And then one day it happened… You know when you get dressed in the morning and you feel all awesome, then you catch yourself in a mirror out shopping somewhere and you’re like ‘WTF was I thinking when I brought this/put this on today?!’


So as well as this dress might have fitted, I felt like shit wearing it because it just wasn't me, and I decided I’d rather wear some of my other outfits that I felt like a badass in, more often, and ditch the soooo-not-my-vibe dres. So off to the donation bin it went.

And it felt so damn good to get rid of something that was no longer (or had ever) really served me.

Every time you make the decision to ditch something that isn’t your vibe, you’re one step closer to who you really are. [Click to tweet]

Your life gets filled with all of the things (either consciously, or subconsciously), and it’s your job to curate it back to the stuff that really matters — the stuff that reflects who you are.

So, here’s what you can do TODAY.

Go through your wardrobe and pull everything out one by one, and ask yourself ‘How do I feel wearing this?’

Anything you feel like a badass in, keep it.

Anything you don’t feel awesome in, donate it (or throw it away).

Anything you’re not sure about, just keep it in the back of your closet for a couple weeks and see if you reach for it… If not — it’s obviously not something you dig, so donate it (or throw it away).

And a pre-warning… You might have to get ruthless. You might have to part ways with some things that you invested a lot in, or that have meant a lot in the past. But as long as you keep coming back to how things make you FEEL, and just commit to keeping only the shit you fucking love, you’ll be golden.

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