I need a break from the entrepreneur world. Wanna join me?

I need a break from the entrepreneur world. Wanna join me? | freshbysian.com

‘’Really? Another webinar about how to make 6 fucking figures?’ 
‘Why does it feel like I’m trying to be SOLD every 5 minutes?’
‘Ugh, so many eCourses.’ 

If you’re anything like me, these thoughts have been running through your mind a lot lately. 

I have a lot of friends and people I admire in this online entrepreneur arena, and I think its a really rad place to be. I love my biz and what I do, but to be honest, I’ve been feeling like a real whingey asshole over the last few weeks. I’ve been letting all of the hype get to me, and let me tell ya, it’s not good for your overall mindset. 

I know that part of this frustration is fuelled by my desire to see people carve their OWN path — and not just follow trends, but I also knew there was something deeper.

The more I kept trying to get to the real core of my frustration, I kept coming back to this ::

Maybe it’s my own fault for being too ‘in’ my own arena? 

Cut to last week, I was getting some Burger Fuel, and I picked up Spoke Magazine (a mag about the world of mountain biking) while I was waiting for my order. I came across an article about how the hype of certain events were dulling the vibe of the industry, and it was shifting the focus to all of the gear associated with mountain biking — instead of the real soul. 

Without reading that article I never would have guessed that about that world. 

This got me thinking… Every industry has it’s own hype wagon — it’s how-to-make-6-figure webinars or it’s vibe-killing events — the ‘trends’. And unless you’re deep in that industry, you might not really see it. And if you DO see it, that probably means you’re probably too far in and you need to step back. 

So yeah, my frustration? Pretty much all my own fault. 

You can’t control the hype of an entire industry. All you can do is act in alignment with your overall vision and values. That’s it. That’s all you can do. 

So, I’m getting off the hype wagon. I’m stepping back from the entrepreneur world so I can go balls-deep in creating products and writing content that’s really bloody good, and DIFFERENT. And if you’re keen, come join me! 

Here’s how we can do it ::

- Be conscious of what you consume. Unfollow anyone in your industry that you feel sometimes triggers negative thoughts or even jealousy. Cut back your consumption to an absolute minimum. You have your squad and your friends, but beyond that don’t go seeking information or new friends within your own industry. I realise this can mean intentionally isolating yourself for a little bit, but if it means your work and your general mindset will be better for it — it’s gotta be done. 

- Find a new industry to go balls deep in. What’s something you’ve always wanted to learn more about? Space? Gardening? Architecture? Mountain biking? Google it up. Watch documentaries. Grab magazines. Rent books from the library. Go for gold. 

- Have a life outside of your biz. LOL. Maybe you’re already really good at this, or maybe you’re like me and sometimes you forget you need a break/a life. Book a work-free holiday. Plan adventures. Have screen-free days. Whatever — just plan stuff that doesn’t involve WERK. 

- Craft a vision for your business that gets you really stoked. I know this one is kind of big, but it helps so much to have something greater to gun for. Something PULLING you forward. What do you want your biz and life to look like this time next year?

So, do you wanna jump off the hype wagon with me? 

If you’re in, here’s a tweetable for ya! 

I’m joining @sian_richardson and I’m getting off the hype wagon. You wanna join us? [Click to tweet]

p.s. This doesn't mean anything will change for you! I'll still be posting regularly and sending weekly emails to my peeps!