Not everyone will get it

Not everyone will get it |

This is a lesson I seem to need to learn a few times... No matter what you do in your life, there will be people — even close friends or family — who will just not get it.

It's a bloody hard thing to deal with — when you're doing something new or exciting in your life and it kinda feels like you're doing it all alone, and the people you hoped would be there to cheer you on aren't anywhere to be seen. Maybe they think you're reckless and stupid. Maybe they're jealous. Maybe there's some other reason you haven't even thought of...

But the thing is, no amount of you staying small or holding yourself back will benefit anyone.

Sometimes that means distancing yourself from people. Sometimes it means having the hard convos and asking people what the deal is.

It's not your job to worry about how people see you.

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