On being a little bitch, showing up, and other thoughts about doing the work

On being a little bitch, showing up, and other thoughts about doing the work | freshbysian.com

1 :: Do what works for you.

If you work better at night, work at night.

If you get more stoked working in cafes, make time each week to hang out in one.

If you hate how taking calls messes up your days, schedule all of your calls + meetings on one day, and set strict time limits.

There’s all of these unwritten ‘rules’ that we get stuck to without even knowing it sometimes… Screw dat. Write your own rules.

2 :: Do what you say you’re going to do.

Don’t say yes to opportunities unless it’s a ‘FUCK YES'. I’ve personally messed up on this (probably too many times) and I think it’s something we’ll probably always screw up on here and there, but we have to be more conscious of what we say yes to.

Respect yourself and other people enough to know when to say no.

3 :: Showing up on the days where you don’t feel the vibes are more important than showing up on the days you don’t feel it.

This is where true devotion happens.

In all honesty it was only through my own personal health + fitness journey over the last couple of years that I really learned this. When I first joined the gym and started working with a personal trainer, I still kinda hated it — but I had a way bigger vision in mind, that involved becoming the best version of myself. I showed up on the days that I didn’t feel like it. I kept going even when I wanted to quit so damn bad. I held that vision at the top of my mind… And it paid off. These days the gym is one of my fave places, and I genuinely LOVE working out and moving ma body.

So… Show up. Keep your vision at the top of your mind and get after it. Epic things never happened by people who quit their vision.

4 :: Sometimes you’re gonna be the only one who believes in your vision… And you can’t let it stop you.

You have to hold a vision for something that is pulling you forward. Without that pull, it will always feel like a push and it will not be a good time.

I know sometimes we have to make sacrifices to get to where we want to go, but I believe there always HAS to be an overarching mission to pull us forward.

5 :: Outsource the shit you hate.

You can always make more money, but not more time. Do whatever it takes to give yourself more time in your zone of genius. Get someone to clean your house once a week. Hire a VA to manage all of the admin side of your biz. Get a rockstar accountant so you know the numbers side of your biz (and life) are all square.

And you don’t feel guilty about doing this either… I think it’s important to know what it takes to do the tasks you don’t love so much, because it gives you a lot more respect for the people that do have to do it — but if you want to really show up and do your best work you have to create space. Someone else loves admin and accounting just as much as you love what you do… We all have our ‘thing’. Find a team of people who love doing their thing, so you can do yours.

6 :: Find people who inspire you to keep going, and keep your distance from those that don’t.

This is huuuuge, and I think we underestimate it way too much. If you don’t have any friends that are in the same zone as you, look elsewhere. Who do you know in the online world that inspires the fuck out of you? Soak up their wisdom. Use it to fuel you.

7 :: Stop being a little bitch and get your priorities straight.

I have very little patience for people (including myself, lols) who complain about having ‘no time’. It’s never about ’not having enough time’, it’s about priorities. If there’s something you want to do or create in your life… Make the fucking time. (And you’ll know if it’s really not a big priority because you won’t feel motivated to find that time).

8 :: What you say no to matters so much more than what you say yes to.

Its your life. Don’t commit to shit you don’t want to do. If you keep saying yes theres no time for what you want.


This article is a sample from Issue 02 of The Unmistakable Effect — ‘Do The Work’.

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