Riding the wave of creating new shit.

Riding the wave of creating new shit. | freshbysian.com

If you’ve ever created anything, or done anything a little scary, then you’ll know this wave. Sometimes it happens in stages... And sometimes you'll hit all of them simultaneously.

🔥 OMG FUCK YES this is gonna be so lit.

👍🏼 Okay okay… We’re good. Still stoked.

😐 Uhhhhh not sure what I’ve got myself into here fam…

🤔 Should I just ditch this and do something less crazy?

💯 Nah screw it. Go big or go home.

🤘Yep yep the stoke is still there.

🌯 Currently scared AF but here we go. Launching in 3,2,1…

The wave is inevitable. All we can do is keep trusting the vibes and ride that shit till it hits the shore, right?

ps. The Unmistakable Effect is launching in TWO days!