Shouldn't I like, own a house or some shit by now?

Shouldn't I like, own a house or some shit by now? |

In a couple days (well, December 1st, to be exact), I’ll be 27.

Right now I don’t really have anywhere permanent to live… I’ve been living between my parents house, a family beach house, friends places, AirBNB’s, and random sublets for at least the last 2 years. (This is what happens when you’re tryna get residency in a another country… But that’s a whole ’notha story.)

I’m not sure if I want kids...

But I am sure I want to see more of the world.

I only have a small handful of really good friends.

In the past I’ve really grilled myself for being this person or wanting (or not wanting) certain things… But I should have more friends? Should I like, own a house and have a full-on fam of my own or some shit by now? 


Fuck. Dat.

I feel as though this year I really drew a line in the sand and decided that I simply cannot afford to care so much about all of this shit. I have no interest in being someone I’m not… I got bigger things to focus my energy on — like how I’m gonna get after the life that I want and make the stuff I wanna make.

And for me to really bring it, I have to be the fullest version of myself possible. Simple as that.

All that matters to me is that I can wake up every damn day, look in the mirror, and see someone that I’m proud of. I’m kinda hate how cheesy that sounds, I know, but for real… Isn’t that what we’re here to do? To just be the FULL versions of ourselves and create the lives we want?

You wanna trip around and live out of a van for a bit? Solid.
You ready to settle down for a bit and do the family deal? Sweet.
You wanna fuck off your cubicle job that you’ve been in for 10+ years to go see the world and see what’s out there, for yourself? Get it.
You dig your 9-5, and you’re making it work for you? Fucking rad.

It doesn’t matter what your situation is… As long as you’re doing what YOU want to be doing, you’re already winning. [Click to tweet]

You can analyze the shit out of where you’re at or how old you are or what you think you ‘should’ be doing with your life, or you can just celebrate the fact you’re still here, and decide that you’re gonna go harder after the life you really want.

And here’s to all of the people I’ve met (or not met) that have inspired me in some way over the last few years (including YOU! Thank you for being here)… It’s been a trip… And I can’t wait to see what more shit I can get up to.