[Sneak Peek] The Unmistakable Effect is almost here… And you're invited!

[Sneak Peek] The Unmistakable Effect is almost here… And you're invited! | freshbysian.com

For the last month or so you might have seen me talking about a new project I’m working on… Well, today I can tell ya what it is, and give you a little look at what I've been working on! (I also have a little update on the pre-sale that was due for next Tuesday)

So… This new thing, it’s called The Unmistakable Effect. Here’s a d-low.

The Unmistakable Effect is a monthly digital magazine.

But really? It's so much more than that.

It's a damn-good-time shindig, and you're invited. (Bring your friends!)
It's a playbook for flipping how-it's-been-done on it's head.
It's a break from the all of the learning and striving.
It's all curiosity + openness (and zero 'follow-my-proven-steps-to-success' bullshit). 
It's joining a gang of other peeps who are just as devoted creating epic shit in this world.

It's a big ole' permission slip to fuck off the rules and do things your way.

And a note on the pre-sale before we go any further…

The pre-sale was meant to start next Tuesday, August 16th, but due to some tech stuff (aka me being a dumb ass — more on this below), I’ve had to push it back to September 1st. But the pilot issue of The Unmistakable Effect will also be launching September 1st… so HELL YAS! 

And now for a lil behind the scenes look at what I've been working on with this thing...

+ Trusting all of the gut vibes.
My post earlier this week was all about trusting your gut, and this has for suuuure been a big part of this project for me. As soon as this idea started to come together, I knew without a doubt that it had to happen. It was one of those things that I kept thinking ‘how the fuck did this not come to me earlier?’

+ Keeping the energy high.
Throughout the whole creation process I've been super conscious about the energy I bring to it, and also how I share it with other people. To me, this has meant only telling people about the project that I feel comfortable telling, but also not holding any expectations when I do tell them — as I have to be the one to hold the energy for this thing.

+ Bringing together the first issue. 
It's been a while since I've had a project to go balls-to-the-wall on the design, so it's safe to say I've been having a rad time jamming on the overall vibe for the magazine, and also the first issue. I'm going for edgy and messy and slick.

And since it'd be kinda impossible to create a whole magazine full of content myself, I've been reaching out to a bunch of awesome people to feature in this first issue, as well as creating a list of my ultimate DREAM peeps for future issues. It's gonna be a good time, fam.

Here's a look at some of my inspo, and some of the first issue...

[Sneak Peek] The Unmistakable Effect is almost here… And you're invited! | freshbysian,com
[Sneak Peek] The Unmistakable Effect is almost here… And you're invited! | freshbysian.com

+ The tech stuff.
From the get-go I wanted to keep the whole tech side of this thing SUPER SIMPLE. For me, this meant no membership website, and keeping the product delivery as simple as possible. No third party or overcomplicating... Just a single PDF delivery. I’m using SendOwl to set up the product, and the payments are all done through PayPal subscriptions (as it will be on a monthly subscription model).

But... One thing I didn’t realise until a couple days ago was that shit can get kinda messy with pre-sales for a subscription based product, when you don’t plan on delivering the product right away. So this is why I had to push the pre-sale back a little bit, so it can all be a little easier and cleaner — delivering the first issue right when ya buy the pre-sale. 

So... That's a lil sneak peek into this crazy new project I've been working on! I'm so fucking stoked to bring this thing to life and see where it goes.

I feel as though it's so much bigger than just me, and all I'm doing is really bringing it together and curating it. I'll be sharing more over the next couple of weeks leading up to the September 1st launch too!

So, here's to following your gut and making the shit you wish existed.

p.s. If you're keen to get first dibs when The Unmistakable Effect launches (as well as weekly emails from me on all things winning-at-your-own-game), join the Standout Squad over here.