The New Rules of Being An Unfuckwithable Entrepreneur

The New Rules of Being An Unfuckwithable Entrepreneur |

Today I have a lil’ something of a manifesto for ya.

The other day I was just scribbling with some markers and paper and I ended up writing out the below, and when I stepped back I figured, hell ya, I’mma send this to my peeps and I’mma call it ‘The New Rules of Being An Unfuckwithable Entrepreneur’.

I’ve created a few downloadables of this too, download ‘em right here! 

Here we go.

+ Tell it how it is.
Stop beating around the bush. Tell stories. Be vulnerable. Be transparent. What else is there?

+ Commit to the grind.
I give full credit to the gym (and Nike, lol) for teaching me this one. If you want to be better for it, you have to stay in it. I know its hard, but it will absolutely be worth it. I promise. The only way to get to where you want to be is by doing the work. There are no magic bullets. 

+ Have a LIFE.
This is for my fellow workaholics. Who are you without your business? I know this can be kinda scary and confronting at first — but I think it’s so so important… What does your life look like when you’re not working? How do you WANT it to look? 

+ Do what you say you’re going to do. 
I know… This is hard. And you’ll probably fail a few times (I still do). But be conscious of your given word and don’t say YES to anything you’re not totally on board with. And when you do commit to opportunities, be sure to give yourself enough time to get it done within the timeframe.

+ Be kind. And give a shit.
Treat your followers and your mailing list subscribers like PEOPLE… Because guess what? That’s what they are. Ask them what they don’t want. Ask them what they want. Send personal follow up emails. Post them shit in the mail. Connect with them. Stop treating them like they’re just another number or another person to buy your crap. 

+ When everyone else is going left, go right.
Do your own thing. Stop following trends. 

+ Don’t take any shit. 
Stand for something. Voice your opinion. Risk being misunderstood. Stop letting distractions and other peoples’ agendas get the better of you. Get after what YOU want.

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