The Rookie Entrepreneur Kickstart Bundle is here!

The Rookie Entrepreneur Kickstart Bundle is here! |

If you're new to this entrepreneur world and you're not sure where to start, this post is just for you!

My ultimate mission is to help craft a world where entrepreneurs turn their focus away from eyeroll-worthy industry formulas, and devote themselves to winning at their own game. Over the last couple of years I've created a few products that are all aligned with this mission, so I thought I'd put 'em together and create a bundle offer especially for the newbie biz owner. (There's also one totally new + exclusive product in this bundle too!)

Enter ::

The Rookie Entrepreneur Kickstart Bundle

4 products. All-killer no-filler.
Only available until April 7th.

Here's what you'll find inside ::

Get Your Branding Shit Together // A mini-course to help you develop your vibe, cultivate solid brand cohesion, and stand out from the crowd on your own terms [Valued at $97 USD]

Visual Vibes :: 10 Days to Badass DIY Design [Brand New + Exclusive to the Bundle] // A no-bullshit, super practical guide to help you understand what makes good design, and how you can rock it in your own business [Valued at $47 USD]

Play Bigger // A toolkit for pinpointing your project goals, and hiring your creative dream team [Valued at $37 USD]

Live Like A Boss [Updated Version] // An eBook for Creative Freelancers on how to go from the 9-5 to running your own biz [Valued at $17 USD]

Here's why I wanted to create the bundle ::

I wanted to create a bundle of products that was for a specific kind of person, instead of just throwing all my shit together into one single bundle (that never makes sense to me). So this one is all for the rookie entrepreneur. The products inside are designed to help you get your biz off the ground, and craft a business on your OWN terms.

Because this is for the newbie, I also know how hard the money situation can be in the first year or two of business, which is why I wanted to keep the bundle under $100. So for the first 24 hours, you can grab it for $79. Then the price will increase to $97 for the remaining couple of weeks.

You ready? Jump over here to check out all of the deets and get your hands on the bundle!

It's all instant access too, meaning as soon as you purchase it, the files will hit your Inbox.

Less time fucking around. More time getting shit DONE.