This Is How You Stand Out Online

This Is How You Stand Out Online |

I'm writing a lot of new content at the moment, for all kinds of projects and ideas, and a whole stack of it is around how to build a really solid Brand strategy that reflects your mission + values, and also helps set you apart from everyone else. 

So I’ve been researching a lot of my fave entrepreneurs and Brands that know what's up when it comes to Branding.

When I collectively step back and look at some of these Brands — from the likes of Collective Hub, to Casey Neistat, to Red Bull and Patagonia — there's one fundamental thing they all do that sets them apart from the rest of their industry…

They go right when everyone else is going left.

They take the unwritten rules of their industry and flip them on their head.

They share their stories and they stand true to what they believe in. 

They commit to chasing their own version of success, regardless of what their peers are up to.

When you just cruise along creating stuff along the same lines as what’s already out there, you’re not giving people much of a reason to buy from you over other people. Maybe this isn’t such a bad thing… And you can probably still run a business this way and do just fine. 

But you're not here to do 'just fine'.
You're here to create
truly fucking unmistakable.

Something that makes people want to talk.
Something that ignites fire within your tribe.

If you’re sick of feeling like you’re getting stuck or lost in the noise, you have to step back and take a look at your business compared to everyone else. What are they NOT doing that you could experiment with? What’s totally overdone that you can steer clear of? 

When you commit to staying true to what you know, as well as creating something DIFFERENT, it also pushes you to play on a bigger level. You have to get more creative. You have to find new ways to push the boundaries of what’s expected. You have to work smarter, not harder. 

And all of this? 

Means a really solid end result for your peeps. Something that’s different. Something that’s fresh and can teach them something in a way they haven’t experienced before. 

It might not be the easy way. 

It’s definitely not the fastest way.

But will it be worth it, and will you learn and grow a whole heap along the way? You. Fucking. Betcha. 

When everyone goes left, I'mma go right.

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