To Hell With Resolutions

Welcome to 2016 ma friend! 

I hope you’ve had (or are still having) a break from work and you’ve been chilling in the sand or the snow or somewhere in between. 

Or maybe you’re like me and you only managed to take a couple days off and you’ve been working — because you had shit to get DONE and you’ll take a proper holiday in a couple months, and it doesn’t reaaaally feel like a Brand New Year just yet because you’ve yet to actually sit-the-fuck-down and set some intentions for the year (but you’re gonna do it next week).

Either way, I hope your New Year has started awesomely. 

In some ways I really love the New Year — because it feels like a fresh start, but at the same time, it’s just another day… And every day is a chance for you to change something in your life or decide to take steps (or giant leaps) towards the stuff you want. 

I don’t say this to be all debbie-downer, I just think it's important keep perspective of the bigger picture. Instead of going the typical (and somewhat expected) route of setting ‘resolutions’ — things that feel like their only purpose is to be ticked off a list — how can you think bigger and get to the core of what you REALLY want for your life and business, and anchor that in your values? 

One of my favourite exercises to help get to the core of what you want is the Perfect Day exercise. You might have seen it around before — a lot of coaches use it. The basic idea is that you map out your DREAM day, from start to finish. You then slowly start to choose areas from that perfect day that you can start incorporating into your life TODAY. 

Chances are that you’re not just going to wake up one day and your Dream Day will be waiting for you — you gotta make changes in your life and it will slowly evolve over time.

And because I want you to totally ROCK this, I’ve got a free Worksheet for you to jam on.

This will help you map out your entire Dream Day, and then start choosing areas of that day to work on right NOW. 



I hope the worksheet and this exercise is helpful for you! Here's to a killer 2016 filled with good times and getting shit DONE.