To set launch goals, or not to set launch goals? The ultimate bitch of a question.

To set launch goals, or not to set launch goals? The ultimate bitch of a question. |

As I’m leading up to the launch of The Unmistakable Effect (on September 1st!), I’ve been thinking a hell of a lot about goals, and more specifically — launch goals. To be totally honest the idea of setting launch goals (i.e. enrolment numbers, profit/income) doesn’t get me too stoked at the moment. 

Last year when I launched my branding course, I totally smashed my goal enrolment number out of the park (by almost double)… So, safe to say I was fucking pumped. But then after that, I set launch goals for all of my other products and I didn’t come close to hitting any of them… So, safe to say that sucked balls. This has left me sitting on the ‘to set goals, or to not set goals’ fence ever since.

When you hang on to that goal number too hard, and you ultimately don’t hit it, it just shits on the vibes of everything, right? You just created and launched something that you should be proud of, but you can’t be, because it feels like you failed. 

As I was writing this post I still felt totally unsure on how to approach this whole thing, so I literally Googled ‘should I set goals?’ and ‘don’t set goals’ (because we all know Google has the answer to everything, DUH). I came across this article on zenhabits called ‘the best goal is no goal’ that hit me right in the feels. The title is pretty self explanatory, but here’s a quick excerpt :: 

"Even when you do things exactly right, it’s not ideal. Here’s why: you are extremely limited in your actions. When you don’t feel like doing something, you have to force yourself to do it. Your path is chosen, so you don’t have room to explore new territory. You have to follow the plan, even when you’re passionate about something else.

Some goal systems are more flexible, but nothing is as flexible as having no goals."

It got me thinking, how many times in the past was there a situation where you didn’t set any goals or expectations, and you ultimately ended up way more stoked with the outcome because of it? 

For me, the number of times that has happened far outweighs the number of times I’d set a goal and achieved it, and felt good about it. 

So… I guess I have my answer, but I wanna know where you weigh in on this though, what experiences have you had in the past? And do you still set launch goals in your biz today? 

ps. Here’s another really solid article about why we should focus on systems instead of goals.