Want a peek inside my product creation process? (+ New Mini-Courses for you!)

Want a peek inside my product creation process? | freshbysian.com

A couple weeks ago I sent out a survey to my tribe, to get a vibe for what they think of this whole entrepreneur world at the moment, and I was also really keen to hear what they wanted to see more of.

One of the things a lot of peeps mentioned was seeing more ‘behind the scenes’ stuff — which I’m all for too, so today I thought I’d share a bit of my product creation process!

Phase 1 :: Getting your thoughts

So back to the survey — one of the goals with it for me was to get an idea for what kind of products people were keen for, or what they need help with.

The thing with surveys is that you have to go into them being very aware of what you want out of it, and how you’re going to approach the results. If you're sending out a survey, obvs you care what people have to say, but you also have to trust your gut and also not really care what anyone says.

As an example, I’ve been asked a bunch of times to create products or courses on DIY design. Sure, this might be something people want from me, but teaching the ins and outs of design is not something I’m passionate about at all.

When it comes to creating new products that are purposeful AND will make an income, you kinda gotta balance it out. There needs to be a demand for it, but it also needs to be on something you actually give a shit about.

There was an overwhelming amount of people who said they're keen for some mid-level products on really specific things. They just want to learn to do ONE thing really fucking well, without spending weeks and weeks going through a course... Something in between $10 not-enough-depth eBooks, and $500+ too-big courses.

I've thought about this a lot, and I totally get that. I want to create another product or two in this area and see how they go!

Phase 2 :: Narrowing down the ideas

After brainstorming a bunch of ideas from the survey combined with the stuff I’m passionate about, there are two mini-courses I'll be launching soon ::

:: Get Your Branding Shit Together :: An all-juice no-filler course to help you craft a Brand vibe that feels like YOU once and for all(This will be similar to my larger Branding course — Be Unmistakable, but MUCH smaller).

:: Visual Vibes :: DIY Brand photography for solopreneurs

Phase 3 :: Creating the project brief

I’ll pretty much always start with big-ass pieces of paper and hand write out lots of ideas and brainstorming, before I eventually bring it into a Google Doc and narrow it down a bit more.

This way I can also easily share the info with any possible collaborators or contractors I’ll be working with. Yew for Google Docs, right?

Wanna see my brief looks like? Check out my current brief for the Photography mini-course over here! These briefs are always a work in progress, and they evolve a lot over time and the end product might end up looking a little different than it does here — but the primary aim is just to get all of the ideas down in one place.

So that’s a little look into how I work through ideas and product creation. What helps you flesh out your ideas and choose which ones to run with?

Let me know if you dig this email and you want to see more behind-the-scenes kinda stuff!