10 Rules of Being Successful on Your Own Terms

10 Rules of Being Successful on Your Own Terms | freshbysian.com

1 :: Fuck off what you’ve been told. 

Learn to question everything, and everyone. People will have their own beliefs and bullshit that they’ll try to put on you — but you don’t have to buy into it. Ask. Make decisions for yourself. 


2 :: Enjoy the damn journey. 

Cheesy… I know I know. But it’s the truth fam. Sure, the destination matters because it’s whats leading you, but we gotta learn to slow down a lil’ and enjoy the journey — because the destination is never promised. 


3 :: Work for it. You are not entitled to anything.  

There are no magic formulas or ‘secrets’ to success. If you look at any truly successful + happy person out there, chances are they are where they are because they weren’t afraid to do the fucking work.  


4 :: Don’t quit the good stuff (aka that will take you closer to what you want). 

I’m all for quitting stuff you don’t love + what isn’t working, but we don’t get to quit just when shit gets hard. Think about it like this — if it will take you closer to what you want, then you gotta stick with it.  


5 :: Remember, you have what it takes.

If you don’t truly believe you can make it happen, how can you expect other people to believe in ya? This can take a long time to really learn and KNOW, but once you have it dialed, you’ll be unstoppable. Learn to be your own biggest supporter.  


6 :: You don’t need permission.

These days the barriers to entry for creating something and getting it out into the world are practically nothing. There’s millions of resources at your fingertips... Make use of them. Don’t sit around waiting for someone to give you the green light, or to tell you it’s ‘okay’ for you to do what you want. Just go. 


7 :: Be the person you’d want on your team. 

Support your other fam and friends getting after it for themselves. Cause it ain’t all about you, son. When you can truly support other people getting after what they want — without ANY expectations, that’s the money. Just think about how you’d love to be supported, then show up like that for other people.


8 :: Keep going... even when you’re unsure. Start with soul, commit, see where it takes you.  

Perfection ain’t a real thing… Let’s just get that out of the way. No one ever really knows what they’re doing, we’re all just making stuff and putting it out into the world and seeing what works. Experiment. Keep an open mind. Trust your gut.  


9 :: Know why you want it. 

I’m a big believer of having something PULLING you forward (as opposed to pushing you). Why do you want this so bad? What’s driving you? What’s the end-game for you? Do you even have an end-game?  


10 :: Fuck off this list & go get it. 

Because duh.  

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