What You're Capable Of vs What Lights You Up

What You're Capable Of vs What Lights You Up | freshbysian.com

I remember last year, when I was jamming with my coach on how I wanted to create something new in my business, and it got me thinking how there’s two sides to this shit… You can do what you’re capable of, or you can do what lights you up.

But I don’t think this is 100% black and white, so lemme explain some more.

Everyone’s capable of something… But it’s not always the same thing as what lights you up.

For example… 

For me — I'm totally capable of doing solely just client work, jamming with people on Branding and websites and eCourse Design and all of that. It’s what I studied. It’s what I know. I’ve done it for a few years and I have the experience. So by definition — I’m capable, right? 

But did doing it 100% of the time really light me up? Not so much… Not as much as it used to. But working on The Unmistakable Effect gets me so stoked, and it truly does light me up.

There’s nothing wrong with doing what you’re capable of. Sometimes (and actually, most of the time) you literally have to — just to get by or make money or until you figure out your next move… But I think we always gotta have a little bit of what lights us up in there.

Sometimes you’ll be doing 50% shit you’re capable of, and 50% what lights you up.

Sometimes it’ll be more like 80% what you’re capable of, 20% what lights you up. Or maybe it’s the flip side if you’ve got it sussed, and you’re on 20% what you’re capable of, and 80% what lights you up. 

But whatever the deal is, I think we always gotta have at least 10% of what lights us up in there somewhere. 

So Imma leave you with a couple questions…

How much of your life is currently filled doing stuff you’re just, well, capable of? And how much of it is filled with doing the shit that lights you up? 

If you want to comment and hit me with your answers — I’d love to hear ‘em.