Ditch the labels… Be who you are

Ditch the labels… Be who you are | freshbysian.com

You can say fuck, and still be spiritual. 

You can be introverted, and extroverted.

You be a mad yogi, and love throwing around a barbell just as much.

You can be kind and empathetic, but also take no shit.

You can be total extreme sports buff, and also love busting out your fancy-ass dress and heels on a Friday night. 

You can be self-employed and have a side-gig. 

You can be a car lover and still give a shit about the environment. 

You Can Be Whoever The Fuck You Want To Be, And Do Whatever You Want — No Labels. 

Instead of writing the usual few paragraphs, I thought I’d just round up a collection of my thoughts into some bullet points (because ease) ::

+ Most of the time labels are there to suit other people. 

Sometimes it can be hard to understand how other people if we don’t put these ‘labels’ on ‘em… I know I’m guilty of it in the past, but it’s something I’m trying to ditch these days. People are people, not label or some random group we want to throw them into. 


+ Take what works for you from a certain ‘group', and leave the rest.

I think sometimes we feel the need to completely adopt a certain lifestyle or ‘label’ to really get full benefits from it… And sometimes that totally works. But the rest of the time? We just gotta be able to step back, take a look at what really works for US as individuals, take that, and make it our own.


+ Know when you’re using a certain label as a cop-out.

For me I feel like sometimes I use the whole introvert thing as a cop-out not to do something, or to stay within my comfort zone. You always gotta roll with your gut and do what feels right, but there are most defo times to fuck off what you think you know about yourself and try something a little different. 


+ This 4 minute video with Neil deGrasse Tyson on labels and his stance on religion is most def worth checking out.

“People are too complicated to have simple labels.” ― Philip Pullman

That’s all I got fam… Go be your crazy, contradictory, amazing self.