Do you need to change how you work?

Do you need to change how you work? |

So I was chatting with my pal Dave the other week and we started talking about how we’d both been changing the way we show up in our work lately… I feel as though when I started my business (and even right up until the last few months) I had a very chill approach to actually doing the work. I didn’t really have a solid plan on what days I’d work how many hours a week or anything like that. I’d just set aside a few hours a day and do what needed to be done, and take a break when I felt like I needed it. So sure, I got shit done, but there was no real structure to it.

But lately I’ve been getting more into co-work spaces which has allowed me some space to really show up and commit to a certain amount of REAL work hours each week. I also have been hitting up cafes on the same days/times each week for other work sessions. Basically my days are a little more structured, but not so much that I feel like I’m back at a 9-5 again, with no freedom. 

So here’s what I’m thinking…

It starts with commitment, then it’s on you to keep up the momentum. 

You know how it is… Most of the time the hardest fucking thing in the world is sitting down and STARTING. But once you do, you get your coffee (or your beverage of choice) and some snacks, throw on ya headphones, block out all distracting websites and apps, and do the work… Then after 30mins you might find yourself getting in the zone, right? (Well, most of the time). 

That got me thinking that I really just need a few defined slots of time per week to get in that zone and just DO SHIT. It's not always easy but that's a part of the deal. 

So lemme ask you this :: Is the current way you’re working actually working for you? 

And if not… What could you do to change it up?