Getting 'motivated' does not equal doing the work

Getting 'motivated' does not equal doing the work 🙄 |

I’ve been writing a lot of content lately on my journey to where I am now and the early days of what got me started in my business, and one thing I kept coming back to (on how I grew my biz) was that I was just so devoted to doing the damn work. And it got me thinking a lot how we’re always looking for inspiration and motivation to go and do shit, but in reality, neither of those things are actually DOING THE WORK, right? They might lead us there, and they might give us a little kick in the ass every now and then, but there’s literally no substitute for just doing what needs to be done. 

There are so many more things that I think we should be focusing on, like discipline, and endurance, and also just listening to our fucking intuition (or gut, or whatever you wanna call it). 

I write this for you just as much for myself, so let’s round it up ::

Stop trying to ‘get motivated’.

Ask yourself if the shit you’re doing (or trying to do) is actually what you want.

If it’s not, fuck it off.

If it is, dice it into smaller, actionable steps, and DEVOTE to them like a mofo. (Hint :: It should still feel like you’re being pulled towards it, not pushed — even when it gets hard). 

Give yourself permission to stumble and make mistakes and figure it out as you go. 

Go get it,