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Here's What's Up |

After a little break from writing my weekly emails/blog posts, I’m back!

Honestly this last month off has been pretty solid. I needed it — and I’m stoked to be back. Although I don’t have a bulletproof plan of attack for my emails and posts, I WILL be back to sending out weekly emails and sharing my stories + behind the scenes + what I’m working on + more good shit… At the start of my break I felt like I didn’t have much to say (because I was tapped-the-fuck-out). But now I feel like I got things to say and things I wanna share. 😜

Here’s what else I’ve been up to ::

I’m working on a couple client projects at the moment that are pretty rad.

Even though I officially stopped taking on client work a while back I do still work with an ongoing client and I’m pretty open to projects that are the right fit. For a while I thought I had to keep this ‘secret’ or totally separate from my biz — because I wasn’t allowed to make my own products AND also do client work. Turns out I actually fucking love doing both for different reasons. I’ll most likely share more of my client stuff as it launches — as I’m pretty sure there’ll be some good shit in there that you’d dig.

I started my first $1,000 project.

This is a project I first saw a while ago but I didn’t do shit about it. My track record with saving money hasn’t been that great and this is something I’m working on right now, and the $1,000 project is a part of that! It’s by Canna from Sugar Mamma, and basically you open up a separate savings account (or just use one you already have), call it ‘The $1,000 Project’, set a goal for what you’re gonna do with your $1,000 (or whatever amount you choose), and every time you make some extra money or have some spare change, you throw it into this account until it reaches $1,000.

So it might not even be $1,000 for you — it could be $100 or $5,000… Just whatever is reasonably achievable for you. Then once that account reaches the $1,000, you either use it for whatever your goal was, or maybe you transfer it into another account if you’re saving for something bigger.

For example, maybe you really wanna get yourself a new DSLR camera and lens that's gonna set you back $4,000. Every time you reach $1,000 in that special bank account, you'd transfer it over to a separate savings account and start again with the $1k... Do that 4 times and HEYO NEW CAMERA.

I’ve found that even just having a bank account with the name ‘The $1,000 Project’ really makes me think twice every time I go to put money into it, or think about taking some out — more than I do with other accounts that have basic AF names like ‘Savings’ or whatever. It’s also got me thinking about different ways to make money other than what I’m used to (i.e. making money in my biz). For example, the other week I went through heaps of my old clothes and camera gear and sold a BUNCH of stuff, with pretty much all of the dosh going into my $1,000 project account.

Come check out the videos from Canna over here where she has more info!

Jamming on more magazine biznass.

You might have seen already, but last month I launched the very first print issue of my magazine The Unmistakable Effect, and it was pretty fucking rad… And it will def not be the last one. The thing with this magazine I’ve been finding lately is that there’s a LOT of upper limit shit and beliefs that I have to ditch to take it to where I know it can go…

There’s a lot more I want to write about here but I figured I’d just share where I’m at with it now. It’s pushing me outta my comfort zone and its kinda scary and weird but fuck, I know this is what I’m meant to be doing and I love the vision so much that I’m sticking with it even when its uncomfortable.

Realising I am not down with the hamster wheel of content creation.

My pal Jason wrote about this in his newsletter the other week and honestly it had me so fucking relieved that I wasn’t the only one feeling this way. When you write weekly content on your blog or for your emails, you can imagine thats like, a LOT of content you end up with… Some is solid, some is okay.

But the thing is, when you create SO much, you kinda wanna get the most out of your good content as you can. I know I’ve got a bunch of old posts I’ve written that are good AF that you might not have even seen, and they could be helpful for ya in some way… So I wanna find a way to re-work some old posts back into my emails and my biz.

What does this look like? I’m not 100% sure… But don’t worry, it ain’t gonna be as basic as me re-sending old emails over and over or just scheduling a fuck-ton of tweets and social media posts — and I’ll be doing my best to make sure you don’t get emails or content on shit that doesn’t even interest you, or isn’t relevant to where you’re at.

ps. If you’ve been feeling like this too, you should def sign up to Jason + Carolines emails as I know they’re going to be sharing more about how they’re doing it too.

I'm working on a VERY sick bundle offer for ya...

This is something I'm still working on but you can expect another email from me soon (if you're a part of my Standout Squad) with more info! It's gonna be one of those once-a-year-offers-because-its-THAT-fucking-good. 😊

If you're not a part of the Standout Squad fam you can join here ::

Alright fam, thats enough for now cause if I write any more its just gonna be a load of random bullshit. HA. Catch ya next week.

ps. What are you working on at the mo? Get at me in the comments and tell me what you’re up to!