Hey... Stop doubting yourself

Stop doubting yourself | freshbysian.com

You don’t have to use word ‘only’ before the price of your offering to try and justify it or downplay it.

'Only $19!'
It’s $19. Own it.

You don’t have to say sorry when you’re really not, or it’s about something you can’t change.

‘Sorry, unfortunately my schedule is full at the moment so I can’t take on any more work.'
Don’t be sorry. Your schedule is FULL, that’s fucking amazing. Ditch the 'Sorry, unfortunately’, explain the situation a little, then offer another solution or next step.

‘Sorry I’ve been MIA from my blog…'
Whatever. You had your reasons, whatever they were. Unless you literally promised people that you’d post on a regular schedule, you don’t really have anything to be sorry for.

I used to do these things, and I used to dance my way around SO much shit in my life… Sometimes I still do. But for the most part I’m learning to just own who I am and what I’m doing. I also think it’s more useful to everyone when we just say things how they are and stop adding words or language where there doesn’t need to be any… You can be nice, but also tell things how they are.

Stop doubting yourself... You got this.