I wanna tell you somethin'

I wanna tell you somethin' | freshbysian.com


I wanna tell you somethin'. 

Not everything you make has to have a ‘plan’, or a ‘goal'… You’re allowed to create just because you WANNA.

Go make shit that lights you up — even if literally no-one understands why you’re spending your time on it.

Not everything you do in your biz has to be tied to some outcome involving money or sign-ups… Just start with the vision, share your shit with the world, and hold the stoke YOURSELF (don’t put that expectation on other people).

Maybe it won’t be the ‘smart’ play, maybe it’ll require a little risk, but damn… We owe it to ourselves to bring the soul back to our work. I know you know what I’m talkin’ bout.

You don’t have to play by the rules or do what everyone else is doing… Sure, you can, and you’ll probably learn a few things, but fuck, it’s so damn obvious when someone is just in their ZONE doing the work that really lights them up, right?

Be that person.

Start with your vision. 
Own it. 
Go make the stuff that you wanna make, the shit that lights you up.
You owe it to yourself.