I'm here to tell it how it is... So here's some truth.

I'm here to tell it how it is... So here's some truth_BLOG.jpg

Over the last month taking a break from these emails I realised that when I came back, I wanted to share more real stuff. ya know, get a lil more vulnerable. But I’m not doing this because I want to be seen as someone ‘real’ or ‘authentic' any of that shit — I’m doing it because I don’t see any other way than simply telling it how it is. 

My personality is pretty straight up anyway, I call it how I see it, I’m a shit liar, and if you ask me a question on basically anything Imma give you an answer… And I wanna bring more of that to my posts. 

So… That’s what I got for ya today. Dishing on some life and biz stuff that I’ve wanted to share for a little bit. It’s also kinda perfect timing because I’m stoked to be an influencer for the Imperfect Boss campaign which kicks off tomorrow on Instagram — which is basically where a bunch of badass business ladies dish on stuff just like this, that they might be a little scared to share. If you wanna peep that, check out theimperfectboss right over hurr.

Alright alright lets go. Here’s some truth. 

I’ve been applying for permanent residency in Canada for the last 3 years and I JUST. FUCKING. GOT. IT! (And I'm totally exhausted by the whole process).

I’m beyond stoked but I’m also so damn exhausted and so ready for the process to be totally DONE (this will only happen once I’ve landed in the country and had everything signed off by immigration). It’s so weird to want something like this for so long, and to have little control over it (something I am not used to, ha)… And then you get it. Honestly I think I’m still processing the fact that it’s now a reality for me… I’m planning on going within the next couple months but I also need a minute to fucking breathe before I even think about booking a flight or planning where to live and setting up my biz there and all of the shit that comes with moving to a new country. 

I always knew deep down that some way or another I was going to get it… But damn. 3 years is a hell of a long time. Part of the reason (well, actually 90% of the reason) it took so long was because I’m self employed, and I wanted to stay that way. If I wanted to get sponsored and work for an employer I’d probably be there already. I was also only JUST eligible to apply through the program I did because I had literally bang on the minimum amount of ‘real job’ experience, from before I started my business. To be honest it was pretty surprising to me how hard it was to get, basically all because of my self employment... And the irony of my ‘real jobs’ literally saving my ass and getting me over the line to even be eligible. Lols. 

Man, I could write a fucking novel on it.

There’s been so many ups and downs throughout the last few years, and I’ve learnt a hell of a lot about patience and surrender, lemme tell ya.

I also get that I’m privileged and even though this took me a long time and it was stressful as hell at times, it was probably nothing compared to what it takes some people to immigrate to another country whether its by themselves or with their families. 

But this does mean Imma be calling Canada my new home very soon! If you’re anywhere around BC (especially Vancouver or Whistler), hit me up for some hangs! 

ps. I DEF would not have gotten it at all without the help from my fam and my immigration lawyer, and everyone who sent good vibes and good luck over the last few years — so if that was you, THANK YOU! I might write about this more in depth too (the process, what I learned, moving countries and my business, etc) so if you have any questions hit me back and I’ll do my best to answer ‘em! My immigration lawyer was also really good (and saved my ass on multiple occasions) so if you need one for Canada, hit me up and I can send you her info.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not ‘hipster’ enough. 

For the most part I think I’m pretty good at not worrying to much about what other business and brands similar to me are doing, but there are def times where I get sucked into a comparison trap… One thought that keeps coming up for me lately is this that my magazine — The Unmistakable Effect — isn’t ‘hipster’ enough to get featured more or to collaborate with certain brands or to get in front of certain people. 

Before I dive into this more I wanna say that I’m not hating on ‘hipster’ shit — whatever that means to you… I’m just telling it how it is and how I feel about my work sometimes.

I’ve been doing a bunch of research on indie magazines lately to see how they make money and print their issues and how they run everything, and to be honest the only really cool ones (and the ones that seem to be doing really well) that I’ve come across are all kinda, well, hipster. Minimal as fuck layouts. Super clean typography. Minimal to no profanity. All of the white space… You know what I mean, right? 

I’m pretty straight up. I swear like a damn sailor, most of the time. I don’t give AF about trends. My design style is pretty different to other shit I see out there... Add that up and it leaves me feeling kinda like the weirdo off in their own little world. 

But at the end of the day this is what I come back to —

It’s not my job to ‘be more hipster’ or to ‘follow trends’. (And it’s not yours either). 

And for me to change my work to fit into what I think it ‘should’ be, just so I could possibly get more features or collaborate with cool companies or reach a bigger audience or whatever would be doing a disservice to myself and you and the magazine itself. And I feel like it would probably be pretty ironic, because from my own experience when you go against your gut to follow the crowd, shit doesn’t usually end up going that well. LOLS. 

ps. I wanted to add... The magazine has such a bloody awesome tribe of people who are either subscribed or have just brought one or two issues or maybe none, but they GET what I'm trying to do, and I'm so damn grateful for those people. They keep me going and they keep me stoked to do more stuff with it. I think there can sometimes be a misconception that if you're grateful then everything else is fine and dandy AF, but for me thats not always the reality. Like I said... I'm just telling it how it is for me. 😊

I got asked the other day about the transition in my business away from 1-1 work into digital products… And I still have no idea what I’m doing. 

I haven’t ‘mastered’ this transition AT ALL. I still do select 1-1 work with people that I dig, on projects that get me stoked. I make my own digital products, and I have a digital magazine. Making digital products (or any product) and promoting them and getting them out in front of people is fucking hard work… Its not the cakewalk many people pitch it to be. And I’ve been learning this over and over again. Its also hard even when you’re doing what you know you’re meant to be doing and following your passion. It takes some god damn grit and devotion. 

My money management could be better. 

One thing I’ve started doing is actually sitting down and looking at my income and expenses every month, and doing my best to forecast the coming months/the rest of the year. This was something I’d always just kinda do in my head, with no real idea what the numbers were. 

This is hard to start, but I feel as though once you set up a system that works for you it can be a lot easier. Here’s a snapshot of my spreadsheetI’ve got on the go :: 

(ps. This process is just for me — it’s not part of my official accounting process or anything like that, and no one else sees it, I just find this so much easier (and more fun) than logging into Xero every month. I still do check my Xero each month to get the official run down on my biz finances, but I just take the basic stats and put them into this spreadsheet. It also keeps me accountable — actually looking at the numbers and typing them out myself).

Also, a few months back I sat down and went through ALL of my business expenses and I realised I had quite a lot that I wasn’t using, or some subscriptions that could be downgraded. For example my ConvertKit account was actually on a higher plan that I didn’t need, and I also realised that I was spending like $120 a month on my phone when basically all I use it for is data… So $120 a month was basically going out the door from me looking at fucking memes and using my data for Spotify (when I could just download playlists on wifi). I downgraded my plan to $60 a month and I haven’t even reached 80% of my data limit most months since I changed. (Crazy right?)

I also wrote last week about the $1,000 project I’ve been doing which has been pretty rad. (You can see more about that in this post). 

So yeah! I’m done waiting for this shit to figure itself out (which is what I keep expecting to happen) and I know that its on me to take more responsibility with my financials. 

One last thing I wanna share here is a snippet from a letter from my Words to the Wise eBook collab with Steph Jagger, where she answered a question on how to change your money mindset ::

What’s your track record, my bunny? And what does that track record tell you? Do you want to keep it the same? Is your track record helping you and your relationship with Madame Greenback? Or is it, perhaps, when you really think about it, really fucking things up? 

Is the story you have about money serving both of you, or is it time to flip the script? 

If it’s serving both of you, perhaps all you have to do is tell The Patriarchy to take a seat and move “gratitude” and “I want more please” closer together. If it’s not, well maybe you need to do both, tell The Patriarchy there’s a new queen in town AND rewrite your money script. Perhaps I’ll start by suggesting that you pen a love note to abundance, an I-see-my-faulty-ways-and-here’s-how-I’m-changing kind of deal, and then, well, take it to the metaphorical bank.

If you wanna read the whole letter and a bunch more, check out Words to the Wise for $21USD over here

SO YEAH! That’s what I got. Phew. 

If you have any random shit you feel like getting off your chest, hit me back. 

Or write your own post like this (and send it to me so I can see it!). 

Or get amongst the ImperfectBoss campaign on Insta.

ps. On September 26th I’m launching a pretty crazy little flash-sale… The pricing is gonna be unlike anything I’ve done before and I’m pretty stoked! I’ll be sending out more info soon… But here’s a hint :: The sooner you buy, the less you pay. 😜