It's not your job...

It's not your job |

I wanted to share a little snippet from my biz toolkit — Make More Moves — that seemed to resonate with quite a few people, and it's on one of everyones fave topics... PRICING.

Here goes. 

I feel as though there’s a huuuuge chunk of this whole 'pricing' dilemma that doesn’t actually have anything to do with money, and everything to do with confidence and owning your shit. I believe that owning your pricing and feeling more confident in your proposals you send out is something that naturally happens over time as you do it more and more, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait years and years to switch up your mindset on this shit.

My sweet ass-kicking friend, I wanna share these words with you ::

It’s not your job to value your services so people can afford them. It’s your job to price your shit at a point that you make a profit (because you’re running a biz here), and you feel represents the value in what you’re offering.

It took me a while for those words to really sink in, but once I began to understand what it meant, it totally changed how I looked at pricing my services. There’s a lot of ‘owning’ in that statement…

Owning your worth.

Owning your place in the world.

Owning what you have to offer.

And this whole ‘owning it’ and ‘staking your claim’ vibe is something that is a necessary part of being confident in what you charge and hopefully making some fucking BANK. Right?

But I’m not talking about the ‘balls-to-the-wall-I’m-a-badass-bitch-gonna-charge-lotsa-money’ kinda vibes… I’m talking about just knowing yourself, and accepting who you are with all of your amazing skills and what you might consider to be ‘flaws’.

You know that you’re in this to just do what you love and help people out along the way, you know that competition is bullshit because everyone has their own style and that’s what separates us, and you’re just here to win at your own fucking game and cheer on everyone else along the way.

I know that this isn’t small easy stuff that you can just switch in your mind overnight, but the more you can start really knowing yourself and owning who you are as a person (before you own who you are as a business), that’s when shit starts turning around.

Be who you are — no apologies.

Anyway, I hope these words resonated with ya. 

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