I got a super exciting Branding bundle offer for you!

The Unmistakable Effect | freshbysian.com

You might already know, but I have a monthly digital magazine called The Unmistakable Effect, with the number one goal of the magazine (like most things I do) being to get you stoked on winning at your own game.

And this months issue just hit the digital shelves, so I wanted to tell you a little about this issue and also this SUPER sweet Branding Bundle offer I got on the table... (There's also a bonus if you buy in the first 24 hrs!)

About Issue 08 of The Unmistakable Effect ::
The Branding Issue

I’ve had this Branding issue on the books for a little while now (well since I first launched the mag last September), and I’m so pumped it’s finally here! I wanted to mix up this issue with some case studies, resources, tips, and also some interviews with some of the most boss players around in this world of ‘Branding’ yourself.

The Unmistakable Effect | freshbysian.com

Here's a look at what's inside ::

  • The New Rules of Branding :: 10 Things that should most def be on your radar if you're planning to build a Standout Brand in 2017
  • Be Your Bad, Funny, Wise Self :: An interview with Hillary Weiss
  • On New Directions, Crafting Experiences, and Living Intentionally :: An interview with Megan Gilger of The Fresh Exchange
  • Good Vibes Only :: An interview with Dani Hunt of Neverland Studio
  • Brand Case Studies :: Taking a deeper look into how Bondi Sands, Jon Olsson, and Madison Hedlund are killing the game Branding right now
  • The Playbook :: Full of rad prompts for you to take action on your own Brand + biz
  • Words to the Motherfucking Wise, with Steph Jagger

About the
Branding Bundle offer

The Unmistakable Effect | freshbysian.com

I've bundled up this issue of The Unmistakable Effect along with Play Bigger (my go-tool guide for hiring your creative dream team), and Be Unmistakable (my tried-and-true Branding course that over 160 entrepreneurs have taken) to create one hell of a little swag-bag of branding goodness for you.

Here's 4 things you need to know about the offer ::

  • The offer only stands for the month of April! After that it'll be GONE-SKIES.
  • It's instant access. So once you buy the bundle, a link will be waiting in your Inbox to download the goods and get amongst it.
  • When you grab the bundle, you're NOT buying a subscription to The Unmistakable Effect, you're just grabbing this one issue (then if you want to subscribe for future issues, you can).
  • The bundle is up for $97 USD (Usually these three products separately would cost ya $184 USD... Soooo not a bad deal right?).

So if you're ready to...

  • Kick "I'm clueless!" to the curb, and craft a brand vibe you love that feels like you, once and for all
  • Explore your business voice + aesthetic in a way that works for you
  • Develop your personal brand, and discover as you go, and just get it done already
  • BRING IT, with your ideas, your message, and your eye for aesthetics

Then let's do this shit.