Ready to make some moves on 2017? — Issue 05 of The Unmistakable Effect is here!

The Unmistakable Effect |

I say it’s time we ditched the idea of creating these forced ‘resolutions’ — as if our lives are something to be fixed or resolved — and we spend more time asking ourselves what we really fucking want our lives to look like, and then crafting actual plans to make shit happen (instead of just thinking about it). And that’s where this issue — Make Moves, Not Resolutions — comes in.

From pulling together this issue, if there’s anything I’ve discovered it’s that there is never one particular path for everyone — especially when it comes to deciding how we set goals and dreams for ourselves. Some people fuckin’ love setting big, lofty goals and chasing ‘em down, and there’s others who aren’t so sold on the idea — and they’d rather set loose visions that align with their overall mission in life and just get after it that way.

And through this issue you’ll see both sides of the coin. I wanted to throw in all kinds of different perspectives and then leave you to make up your mind and figure out what works for you.

Here's a look at what's inside...

  • An interview with Kathleen Shannon (from Braid Creative + Being Boss)
  • The Best Goal is No Goal — By Leo Babauta
  • Who Do You Wanna Be? — By Lexi Smith
  • What's Your Deal? — A round up of thoughts on Goals from some rad people
  • Words to the Motherfucking Wise, on Cultivating Presence in 2017 — With Steph Jagger
  • + loads more good shit! (Including a totally separate, 50-page Biz + Life Planner Playbook)


This Issue Also Comes With A 50 Page Makin' Moves Biz + Life Planner Playbook

It's got soul and a lil bit of hustle... It's designed to help you figure out what you wanna jam on this year, then craft a plan to make it happen. And as usual with all things Unmistakable Effect — take what you love, and leave the rest.