Should you ask for feedback on your work or just do whatever the hell you want?

Should you ask for feedback on your work or just do whatever the hell you want? |

Have you ever struggled with deciding when to ask for feedback on a project, and when to just go balls-out and do it your way?

I’ve been asking for a hell of a lot of feedback on my work over the last few months — specifically for my Make More Moves toolkit — and I think these days I’ve got a pretty good headspace on how to go between the two. I know it can be a pretty tough gig deciding how to go about this, so I thought I'd share some thoughts with you on asking for feedback in your work.

👉 Know why you’re asking

For this Make More Moves toolkit I’ve been working on, the whole feedback process has been fucking amazing and I’ve had so many suggestions that will genuinely help the toolkit be BETTER, and I’m super grateful for my beta fam that have been taking the time to dish me their thoughts. I want this toolkit to reach a lot of people, and I know that getting people to actually test it out first will help me do that. 

In many ways, asking for feedback requires you to drop your guard and let go of any expectations you’re holding on this project. It also means letting go of any ideas that you’ve got it aaaall figured out by yourself. Because when you ask for feedback — well, you’re asking for it. It’s then on you to take whatever people have to say and respect that they gave you their thoughts.

So, ask yourself, is it an ego thing, or a validation thing? Or are you asking because you genuinely want to improve something and you want someone’s thoughts? What’s the end goal of the ‘ask’?

👉 When you’ve got your feedback rounded up… Only take the shit that works for you

The other week I asked a few select people from my Standout Squad who hadn’t subscribed to my magazine The Unmistakable Effect to give me some quick thoughts on the mag. I’ve been very mindful about how and where I do this with the magazine, just because it’s such a ‘soul’ project for me that I don’t want it to get fucked up by me asking people for their opinions on it. BUT I was genuinely interested in what people had to say on why the mag wasn’t a fit for them, so I asked them.

There was a few people that suggested the magazine should have some more ‘how to do this in your biz’ style shit… But that is def NOT the vision I have for the mag, so while I respect them taking the time to give me their thoughts, that ain’t gonna happen.

It’s on YOU to hold the vision for the stuff you’re creating and not let it get overrun by opinions.

That’s literally the most important fucking thing, because the second that vision starts getting skewed and you’re not as stoked on your project as you once were, it shows, and people can pick up on that shit. (And that’s when launches fail and things start to go sideways and you start hating the thing you once loved).

So, when you’ve asked for feedback from people and you’ve rounded up all of their thoughts, it’s then on YOU to decide what is actually valid and what you want to explore more. I truly believe your gut will tell you everything you need to know here.

👉 Have projects where you genuinely don’t give AF what people think

Don’t ask for any feedback at all. Trust your gut. Make the shit you wanna make because you’re just THAT fucking stoked on it.

While I mentioned above that I have asked for some thoughts on The Unmistakable Effect, overall this is a project that is very close to ma heart so I'm always going to do whatever I feel is right for it — regardless of external opinions. This was a very conscious decision I made from the start, too. I didn't ask friends or anyone for their thoughts because I knew it might skew my perspective on it, so I just went ahead and fucking did it.

It goes back to what I said above about holding the vision too, because when you do the shit that fires up your soul... It's obvious. And people want in.

👉 The more you’re confident in your own shit, the easier it gets

This isn’t really something you can just chuck on your to-do list for next week, because hey fam, self-development isn’t a one-time deal. But I think it’s pretty obvious when someone is truly confident in themselves and their own life, that asking for feedback becomes a little easier.

You’re less inclined to go do a 180 or to lose your mind when someone gives you some thoughts you don’t agree with when you’ve got your OWN vision locked down.

So… Do what it takes to know yourself a little better. Make a commitment to yourself. 

At the end of the day… Fuck what people think. It’s your responsibility to hold the vision.

ps. If you want to see some of the feedback forms I’ve been sending out, here’s one I used for The Unmistakable Effect. And here’s another one from Make More Moves.