The new Unmistakable Effect website is HERE + a giveaway for ya!

The Unmistakable Effect |

Today I'm pretty jazzed to FINALLY launch the fresh new website for my monthly digital magazine, The Unmistakable Effect. I've been slowly chipping away on it for a few months now and it's finally HERE! 

This project started last year just with me + my crazy little vision for it, so to know that it's going places and resonating with you makes me so damn stoked, and it really does fuel me to keep pushing it forward and making it more awesome.

But this magazine is so much bigger than just me and my vision for it, and I feel as though this website is something that was always going to happen, and it's gonna help take this thing to the next level.

There's a few new things on the website so here's 3 places you can start ::

The Unmistakable Effect |

1 :: Come see more on WTF the magazine is all about, and who's a part of it. πŸ‘‰

I think it's time to stop working so hard to be something we're not. And this... This is exactly why The Unmistakable Effect exists.

The Unmistakable Effect |

2 :: Submit a question to Steph, for her to answer in her column β€” Words to the Motherfuckin' Wise. + go in the draw to win a copy of her book, Unbound, and an exclusive Unmistakable Effect notebook + postcard stash! πŸ‘‰

In each issue of The Unmistakable Effect Steph's doing an open jam sesh. Right here. On all your shit. In a column called 'Words to the Motherfuckin' Wise'. So bring it β€” throw her your big questions, your deepest darkest fears, and the nitty gritty details of your unmistakeable dreams... you know, the ones that are all tangled up in your head. Yeah, let's clear that shit up so you’re free to fly.

So... Wanna score a copy of Steph's book β€” Unbound, + an Unmistakable Effect notebook and postcard stash?

If you submit a Big Q to Steph between TODAY and Tuesday May 23rd, you'll go in the draw to win. Then we'll randomly choose out TWO people to score the packages and we'll hit you up! Come over here and give us the best you got.


3 :: Share a story to possibly feature in a future issue of the magazine. πŸ‘‰

I want to know how you got to where you are now, and what it took to get there. I want to know what you had to learn about yourself. I want to know what risks you've taken and what cliffs you've jumped and when you decided to go against all odds and just trust your fucking gut. Come share something.

Aside from this new website launch, I wanna say Thank You for being here, and especially to anyone who's given me support or thrown love my way for The Unmistakable Effect. For me this is one of those big projects that's equally as scary as it is exciting, and it's also something I know that not everyone 'gets'... Which makes me want to keep pushing it forward even more.

Go do the shit that scares you as much as it gets you stoked. πŸ‘Š